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Starbucks versus HIV-Positive

A  former manager at a Boca Raton Starbucks has filed suit against his former employer,(Palm Beach Post) after being fired from the position that he had held for four years.

In the lawsuit that has been filed in Federal Court, Stephen Barbosa claims that he was fired after returning from his two-month leave of absence and that the action by Starbucks is a violation of the Americans with Disability Act. He claims that they are required by law to accommodate him; and, instead, have violated  his rights which gives rise to damages.

The Starbucks’ spokesman declined to comment specifically on the lawsuit. His supervisor has accused Barbosa of manipulating the time clock and also criticized his prior repeated absences. A real employment battle of facts and law.

In the article, the reporter noted that the Seattle-based company was ranked 78th out of the “100 Best Companies to Work For” by “Fortune” magazine. Starbucks indicates that they provide full health benefits to their 95,000 employees.

For pic 0′ day, I guess I could title this “what is cooking in the kitchen?”

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