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How Low is Low Sodium?

     There are some old sayings rattling around in my head, when I think of feeling low. Remember the one about, “I was so low that I sat on the edge of a dime and dangled my feet”?  Or, “when I came to my closet door, I walked under it and still had to look up”? Now, that’s pretty low.

     Maybe those old expressions should be a lesson in “low”, for Campbell Soup Company.  That’s because four New Jersey women have accused the soup maker of misleading consumers.  

     Suit was filed against Campbell, accusing them of falsely selling allegedly lower sodium soups, at premium prices. The pleadings claimed that Campbell’s 25% “Less Sodium Tomato Soup” had the exact same sodium levels (480 milligrams) as its regular tomato soup.

     Campbell Soup had filed a motion to dismiss the womens’ lawsuit. They claimed that the Food and Drug Administration, which  regulates product labeling, does not require Campbell to specify how one soup might compare with other soup products.

     US District Judge Jerome Simandle wrote in his order that “it was reasonable for plaintiffs to expect that the soups that they were receiving, had 25%-30% less sodium than the regular tomato soup; when the soups, in fact, had approximately the same amount of sodium.”

     Campbell Soup has always had that “down home” advertising campaign going for them.  Apparently, they consider the consumer to be dumb enough to pay more for a label, because they say that it’s low sodium. Makes you wonder about some of their other products, if that’s their marketing philosophy.

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