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Making it Politics

“Did you see the news?” That was repeated among us yesterday after two journalists were shot here in Virginia. When I initially pulled up the story online, I saw a darkened image of the supposed shooter. Later I learned his identity.  At no time did I hear anyone here at the office express anything politically about the shooting.  Instead, I repeatedly heard how awful it was.

Later I read more on the shooting and the unfolding events. Then, I started to see politicians coming out of the woodwork to express their sympathies. Then, I saw several take the opportunity to express the need for gun control.

Based on the minimal information that I know about the events, I suppose that someone could express an opinion about gun control, depression, discrimination lawsuits or even what can be easily uploaded to social media.

I wonder if there is a politician that can stop themselves from seizing the opportunity to express immediate opinion. Instead, maybe they could just remember humanity. Everyone around me just felt terrible about what had happened. No one was talking about political issues. It was all about why someone would be so cruel.

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