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A Recipe of Loss

Just looking at this picture makes me hungry! These are called “cruffins”. A combination of a croissant and muffin.

Ry Stephen, the proprietor of Mr. Holmes Bakehouse, grabs a finished tray of cruffins, his croissant/muffin hybrid, in San Francisco.

They are made at a bakery in San Francisco named Mr Holmes Bakehouse.( The baked cruffin has various fillings that include Fluffernutter cream or strawberry milkshake. Here are pictures of a couple different fillings:





Apparently the cruffin is so good that it created temptation to commit a crime. Someone broke into the bakery during the night last week. In the morning, nothing from the bakery was stolen… except the recipe for the cruffin and 230 other recipes from the bakery.

The empty folders were even left behind. Only the recipes were taken. The owner of the bakery learned of the theft just a short time before his bakery was to open. His staff called to tell him the recipes were gone. So, he didn’t even have time to call the police. He knew that he needed to race to the bakery and get as many items made as he could, because people would be lining up outside, with the doors to open at 7am.

So far, there are no suspects. Police think it could be a competitor. The employees are already allowed to take home any recipe that they want, so they are not current “cruffin suspects”.

When I read this story, it made me wonder about the value of the recipes. What if a jury had to decide their value in a civil case? At the end of the article, the reporter quoted one customer who said that as soon as she heard about the theft, it made her want a cruffin. “If someone stole it, it’s got to be good”.

That last quote reminded me of some of the things that insurance adjusters have said to me in automobile claims. The theft of the recipes has created value… “and they are now actually better off”. I never get used to such nonsense in negotiations. But writing this blog still makes me hungry!


And for pic o’ day… probably hard to listen to these instructions:

calm down

After Labor Day

You might have had a hamburger or hot dog for Labor Day, or even an ice cream. Well, here’s an ESPN story about a baseball player who did not appreciate his ice cream.

Jesus Montero was considered to be a “can’t miss” prospect in the New York Yankees farm system. He was then sent to the Seattle Mariners in a deal that was expected to begin a long major league career in Seattle. Unfortunately for Montero, that has not developed.

The Seattle organization has been losing patience in Montero’s effort. They have changed his position from catcher to first base, to designated hitter. They have brought him to the majors, put him in the minors; and he is now all the way down in Class A. This occurred after he returned from a 50-game-suspension relating to his positive testing for a banned performance- enhancing drug(s).

The Mariners put him all the way in Single A because they have questioned his baseball preparation, and that he showed up for spring training almost 40 pounds overweight. Now to the ice cream.

Apparently, one of the Seattle organizational scouts was at a recent Montero baseball game. Reportedly, the player did not hustle out a ground ball to first base; Exactly what they have been saying about his effort. In response, the scout sent an ice cream sandwich down to Montero. He was trying to make a point. He did. Montero didn’t like it.

Montero left the dugout, armed with a baseball… and the ice cream sandwich. He charged the scout in the stands and hurled the sandwich at the scout. Before getting there with his bat, he was restrained by other players.

Should we say that the moral of the story is that it is better to send an ice cream sundae instead of a sandwich? Or, some gifts are just not well received! If you did have an ice cream yesterday, I hope that you did enjoy it. It really is not good for throwing.


And for pic o’ day we have Carl the cat giving himself a pep talk:

car the cat

Starbucks versus HIV-Positive

A  former manager at a Boca Raton Starbucks has filed suit against his former employer,(Palm Beach Post) after being fired from the position that he had held for four years.

In the lawsuit that has been filed in Federal Court, Stephen Barbosa claims that he was fired after returning from his two-month leave of absence and that the action by Starbucks is a violation of the Americans with Disability Act. He claims that they are required by law to accommodate him; and, instead, have violated  his rights which gives rise to damages.

The Starbucks’ spokesman declined to comment specifically on the lawsuit. His supervisor has accused Barbosa of manipulating the time clock and also criticized his prior repeated absences. A real employment battle of facts and law.

In the article, the reporter noted that the Seattle-based company was ranked 78th out of the “100 Best Companies to Work For” by “Fortune” magazine. Starbucks indicates that they provide full health benefits to their 95,000 employees.

For pic 0′ day, I guess I could title this “what is cooking in the kitchen?”

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