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Justice Scalia’s Opinion

Supreme Court Justice  Antonin Scalia has been under a bit of scrutiny for his opinions and the way the he has expressed himself publicly. He is a Justice who engenders strong feelings from both sides of the political spectrum.  Sunday’s “LA Times” included one writer’s suggestion that Scalia is even “morally reprehensible”.

On the speech circuit at colleges, Justice Scalia is known as an opinionated and colorful speaker. When recently and publicly discussing his dissent opinion on an immigration case, he criticized the policies of the Obama administration, causing the idea to be floated that he might even be a potential future political candidate. This website outlines his known opinions and classifies them as the “Political Courage Test“.

At one recent speaking engagement, the Justice was asked by a questioner whether his dissent opinion showed that he was a bit cantankerous. His response was that, “I’m not cantankerous. I express myself vividly”.

It is quotes like that which make Justice Scalia  an interesting read. In a recent “Trial Magazine”, I saw that he did not take kindly to being told that Seventh Circuit Judge Richard Posner  had commented on his immigration dissent. Judge Posner had mentioned that Scalia’s opinion might even be used in upcoming political ads against Democrats. To that, Scalia replied, “He’s a court of appeals judge, isn’t he? He doesn’t sit in judgment of my opinion as far as I’m concerned.”

For pic o’ day, I have returned to a few that I posted last year. I kept this one because even during the year, I would go to it for a laugh:

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