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Our Independence!

I was looking across the history books and saw that July 4 is a date with a lot of activity. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland was published. OK, maybe that doesn’t qualify as history. July 4th is the date that France offered the Statue of Liberty!

I find it quite ironic that July 4, 1826, is the day that both Thomas Jefferson and John Adams died. History has recorded some great back-and-forth between those two.

Jefferson died on that date at age 83. The night before, he knew death was close and gathered his family around his bed and uttered, “I have done for my country, and for all mankind, all that I could do, and I now resign my soul without fear, to my God, my daughter, to my country”.

That night, he woke at 8pm and asked his doctor whether it was yet the fourth. His doctor replied, “it soon will be”. Jefferson obviously placed great importance on July 4th and lived until one-o’clock in the afternoon the next day. He had made it!

As to Adams, his last words were “independence forever” and then he exclaimed that, “Thomas Jefferson survives”. Adams had also made it to that date that was so important to him and referenced his political opponent… not knowing that Jefferson had passed away a few hours earlier.

July 4 was important to them just as it is important to us. An acknowledgement of our independence.

This is my last blog until Monday. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and a special July 4th.

God bless America!



Awkward and Blinker

     I am still feeling a bit blog lazy, so I figured that a couple of pic o’s and a “Did you know?” would be our Tuesday blog. Plus, who wants to read a long blog in the heat. (Yes… that’s what I am selling!)

     Did you know that the only three non-Presidents to be pictured on U.S. paper money are: Alexander Hamilton (the $10 bill); Benjamin Franklin (on the $100 bill) and Salmon Chase (on the $10,000 bill)?  Of course, that raises the additional questions of who is Salmon Chase and is there still a $10,000 bill? 

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