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Some Poison and Rice


     A little known problem of significance is just now hitting the news. (Fox) In fact, it was on “The Today Show”, with Matt Lauer offering some hard questions.

     Consumer groups are now beginning to pressure the Food and Drug Administration to set federal guidance on rice. Arsenic is thought to be found in rice in dangerous levels; because it is naturally present in water, air and soil.

     For those who are against government regulation or involvement in our lives, this might be one time that they will want government to step in to our rice pudding!

     The Consumers Union reports studies that found 8.7 micrograms of arsenic, on average,  in 223 rice samples that were tested. Arsenic is known to cause lung, skin and bladder cancer. Based upon preliminary results, rice grown in Texas, Louisiana and Missouri could have the highest levels.

     Consumer Reports says that rice eaten once a day can drive up arsenic levels in the human body by 44 percent. There is even suggestion that this might be effecting the chicken industry.

     I am blogging on this just to make sure that you are aware. More is being reported. For now, the FDA does not regulate arsenic levels in rice and that is why consumer groups are asking the government to take action.

     For pic o’ day, I was looking for a rice picture and came across a medicine picture for pic o. Gotta stay away from the poisons!

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