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The Steven Tyler Act

     A pair of Speedos and jewelry. That’s the picture that got Rock singer and formal “Idol”  judge, Steven Tyler, all riled up. It happened on a beach in Hawaii. Then the New York Times Opinion Pages brought a unique piece of legislation to my attention.

      Hawaii legislator State Senator Kalani English introduced a bill that  now has been approved by a  Hawaii Senate Judiciary Committee, that would grant power to bring a lawsuit against anyone who may take pictures or videos of someone, where they believe that it is offensive in any way.

     The bill would have the effect of causing Hawaii to be a haven for celebrities who could travel there, to get away from paparazzi and their telephoto lenses. It would also stop those lucrative paydays for photographers who swarm around celebrities and their kids.

     On its surface, it’s real easy to think that such a limitation is a great idea. One problem… the first amendment. I cannot imagine such a law being able to pass Constitutional scrutiny.

     At the hearing, the Hawaiian State Senate members joked with Tyler after reflecting over the pictures taken of him that were ultimately printed in tabloids. As one Senator ribbed him, “Mr Tyler, it’s a pleasure to see you in clothes today”.

     For pic o’ day, a bit of encouragement is good for us all:


And Then More Antlers

I really have not figured out the whole “reindeer antlers on the car” thing. Now, I see that they have added the nose as well. Somewhere out there, someone is counting their money and laughing over their “invention”; or maybe they are just laughing. Has anyone invented rabbit ears for the car?

Anyway, pic o’ day got me thinking about all of that.

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