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Parenting During Soccer Game

Recently, I have been in some restaurants where small children were endlessly screaming. Then, I saw the parents sitting idly by as though they did not hear a thing. It reminded me of the one parent who said that he would not give in to his screaming child because, “I do not negotiate with terrorists”.  Ed Asner once said that “raising kids is part joy and part guerrilla warfare”.

I start the blog out with that because I just saw a news story from Yahoo Sports that seems to be the exact opposite of the “parenting by ignoring”.  An Iowa man was recently charged with a trespass violation after he ran onto the soccer field at Longfellow Elementary School.  With the soccer game going on, the father attempted to forcibly remove his son from the field.

Police officers questioned him about the incident.  He said that his son’s grades were too poor for him to be allowed to play soccer. City school officials did confirm to the reporter that the boy was eligible academically to play; but, the father felt that the grades should have been higher.

The father, Benjamin I.H. Doyle,  admitted that he let his temper “get the best of him” and that he should not have run onto the field during the game. The trespass charge is a simple misdemeanor and the school says that they will take no further action.

The quotes at the bottom of the article ranged from disgust at the father, to  “he should be allowed to take his kid out”  or  “at least he cares”. I wouldn’t expect that such conduct results in better grades.  Erma Bombeck took a different approach.  She said, “When my kids become wild and unruly, I use a nice, safe playpen. When they’re finished, I climb out”.

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