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OxyContin in Kentucky

In a story that sounds more like, “We thought you were making a pain pill… not heroin”,  The makers of OxyContin have agreed to settle a lawsuit brought by the Kentucky Attorney General, that claimed that Purdue Pharma had misled the public about their powerfully addictive drug. (

The lawsuit was filed by the state of Kentucky back in 2007. It alleged that Purdue Pharma was “marketing the prescription painkiller as not addictive because it was a pill that, when swallowed, slowly released the drug over 12 hours.” However, users soon discovered that it was as addictive as heroin.

The state of Kentucky claimed that medical costs across the state began to rise because of the effects to those that were now addicted to the drug. This particularly became a problem in the eastern part of the state where injured coal miners were regularly prescribed the medication. So, the Kentucky Attorney General filed suit.

In response to the lawsuit, Purdue Pharma agreed to take that form of OxyContin off the market, and replaced it with a newer 2010 version, where it claims that such issues have been resolved.

The manufacturer of the drug will also pay $24 million to the state of Kentucky over the next eight years. That’s to be used to assist with addiction programs within the state.

Of course, here’s the part that probably is no surprise to you. In entering into the settlement, Purdue Pharma admitted no wrongdoing. And I conclude the blog with what the company spokesman said in the news release about the settlement:

The company entered into the settlement to allow it to “focus on bringing innovative abuse-deterrent medicines to patients and our other efforts to combat prescription drug abuse and overuse”. (shaking head!)

And for pic o’ day, this just seemed to be down that same “responsibility alley”:


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