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Some Trump and Rump

     This is a blog of two stories. I was just told that “you can’t title your blog with that!”.  Am I being rebellious as we get closer to a long weekend?  Well, I could blog on how good the new “Special K Popcorn Chips” taste, but that does not qualify as legal blogging. Instead, here is my defense for the blog title… the news.

     First to Donald Trump. The Chicago Sun-Times reports that Trump stood in the lobby of the Dirksen Federal building last week and verbally attacked an 87-year-old Chicago woman. She has filed suit against Trump, claiming that he ripped her off when he sold her two $1 million dollar condo units in Trump Tower.

     Earlier in court, Trump and the lady’s lawyer had gotten into verbal sparring matches that included the Judge becoming so exasperated that she finally interrupted both of them and admonished them by saying, “You’ve got to stop it. Do you think the jury likes this?” Then, the Judge added, “If you think the jury likes it, I can assure you they don’t. You’re wasting your time.”

     The plaintiff, Jackie Goldberg, claims that Trump deliberately misled her when he promised her a cut of the profits from the Tump International Hotel’s two ballrooms and catering business,  if she bought both condos. She then claims that he snatched back control of the ballrooms after she had signed the deal and paid her deposit.

     In the lobby later, Trump had lowered his tone but went on to attack the plaintiff by telling reporters that his opponent is a “sophisticated investor” and that “She owes me $500,000 and is just using the ballroom as a ruse to get her money back. She’s trying to rip me off, she really is.”   

     Trump claims that “Nobody that I’ve ever seen has ever played the age card better than her. She knows everything that’s going on and it’s disgraceful”.

     Goldberg’s lawyer claims that “she comes from a different era when people like Donald Trump didn’t exist. She comes from an era when a deal was a deal”. Trump has testified. Ms. Goldberg’s testimony is to follow. It sounds like he has met his match!

     And to the final story. Of course, I could have stopped at the first one about Trump, but then I would not have had my blog title.

     From the NY Daily News, a workout that the plaintiff claims just was too hard. A New York lawyer claims that his sessions with a personal trainer have left him in disabling pain whenever he sits. 

     Plaintiff Neil Squillante says in his lawsuit that he told his personal trainer about his sore arms. His trainer just laughed at him and told him that the soreness was just “normal”.

     Squillante came back for more workouts and claims that after the third workout, he could not work at his computer. His lawsuit is seeking damages for improper instruction and supervision.

     The training company advertises that they also provide instruction and personal trainers to celebrities. As the lawyer added, he went to them and trusted the trainer because he was told that they are “Beyonce’s secret weapon”.

     The lawsuit could be serious, so I am not giving an opinion on it. Still, I had to go with some workout pictures for pic o’ day. Here’s “Workout Cat” and the “Push-up Family”.


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