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Law School Lie Detector

     The suspect is leaning against the chair; There are sweat beads on the forehead. The police interrogator leans over the the grimy table, with pursed lips, and stares at the Perp (you can tell I’ve been reading some good fiction).

     The other policeman, leaning against the back wall, with the styrofoam cup of stale coffee; then smiles and says, “look, we can make it a lot easier. Why don’t you just let us give you a polygraph. If you pass, we’ll let you go.”

      I have heard that “people can beat those tests”. I’ve just never met someone with those skills. Nerves of steel. Maybe they can beat it.  Special CIA training?  Maybe a polygraph isn’t really a lie detector. Should it just be called the “Earnhardt”…… The Intimidator.

     When I arrived for my first year of law school, I peeked into the classrooms to try to decide where I wanted to sit. Didn’t want to sit too close or too visible. I had heard that the Professors would call on you, and make you stand. And then grill you for hours. Well, the imagination was a bit carried away. I  just wanted to blend into the wall.

      One student sat in the very corner, back of the class. He was visible. Plus, he constantly raised his hand. I thought that he would be at the top of the class.  He was anwering questions on jurisdiction and venue. I was still back on why they called a class “Torts”. Chocolate Eclair made more sense.

     Mr. “Corner Student” did “just OK”  the first semester. It made me feel a bit better, even though I was still trying to be wallpaper. Then, one day during the second semester, he didn’t show up. The corner seat was empty. It felt like there was no third baseman.

     By then, he and I were friends. So, I had his home phone. I called to see what had happened. He had been kicked out because he had failed to list a misdemeanor on his original law school application. The law school considered it to be a material representation.

     I just saw a Bloomberg story about lawsuits that have been filed against two different law schools. (NY Law School and Thomas M. Cooley). The suits allege that the schools improperly inflated statistics about graduate salaries and employment.

     My mind went back to my friend in my first year class. If these suits are correct, will these law schools lose their accreditation. Maybe it’s time to hook them up to the “Earnhardt”.

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