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Getting Ready for the 4th!

What did one flag say to the other flag? It didn’t… it just waved.

Why did the British soldiers wear red coats? So they could hide in the tomatoes.

What is Uncle Sam’s favorite snack? Yep… Fire-crackers.

Ok, I will stop the July 4th bad humor. Here’s some usefulness from a National Kidney foundation email . It’s titled 7 of the Best and Worst Condiments for Health. Something to think about for your hot dogs and hamburgers. A tease to tempt you to read it. Which is better for you… Ketchup or Mustard? Is Hummus really good for you or is it a hidden “weight gainer”?

I hope you have a wonderful July 4th.the 4th


National Kidney Foundation Golf Tournament

I’m on vacation but thought I’d give you a bit of video.  On Tuesday, we had the Kidney Foundation Golf Tournament.  I hope you’ll take a gander.  Maybe it will even encourage you to want to be a part of the Foundation in fighting kidney disease, or want to be one of the sponsors or players next year.

The rain held up and we had 23 teams of four golfers participating.  Anyway, we even put some piano music to it even though I’ve never seen a piano on the golf course.  Maybe a look at the greens will give you an escape if you are stuck inside.


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