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Law Library Cleanup

Because of our law firm growth, we are making preparations to move the Richmond office. That means going through “stuff” including what to take or what to throw out in our the law library.

Technology has sure changed when it comes to legal research. Not only do you no longer need to travel to a local law library for research; you also rarely look at hardcover law books. Everything including codes and statutes are on the Internet, or are accessible through online research subscription.

I have been throwing out many of our old law magazines or scanning old articles to our system. The following quotes came from some past dusty “Trial” magazines. In the back of each magazine is a section called “Hearsay”. The following were some of the recited quotes with their background stories, from those old magazine articles:

Yes I stole the bottles but not this chocolate.” Words from a 19-year-old shoplifter who was apprehended by police, after shoplifting two bottles of liquor. In his mind, chocolate is a whole lot worse to steal than alcohol. There certainly are some jurors who would recommend a higher sentence for chocolate!

Please change the lunch menu! You and only you can sustain or overrule this request.”   Words from a letter that was read in open court by Judge  Donner of Miami, at the conclusion of a trial. It had been written by six members of the jury who had just served; who wished to thank the Judge for their opportunity to serve, but to also point out a plea for better midday meals.

Probably the most expensive McDonald’s salad ever sold.” Words uttered by Judge Robert Freedberg, after he affirmed the conviction of Pennsyvania resident, Dawn Higgins, who was found guilty of littering. She had thrown her lettuce leaves from her McDonald’s salad out of her car window. Then, after failing to initially appear in court, she was found guilty in absentia and fined $173.50.

It doesn’t come very often that a good man comes to your doorstep.” Neighbors complained about the noise that was coming from Lorna Dudash’s house in Oregon, causing the sheriff’s office to send a deputy out to talk to her. After the deputy left, Dudash called 911 and asked that the “cutie pie” officer be sent back to her house so that she could ask him for a date. He did return, but apparently didn’t have much sympathy; He then arrested her for abusing the emergency dispatch system.

For pic o’ day, since we are working on some technology upgrades, I thought that this would be in the same spirit!



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