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Car Features and Social Security

     If recycling a 3 foot stack of newspapers can save a whole tree, then imagine what a short blog can do for you today!

     First, I am attaching an article about a 2014 Mercedes. It discusses new car features and provides some insight on how we might be able to soon own a car, that will truly drive itself. I am not sure that it will allow us to move to the back to make a sandwich. That could be a few years away. 

     Here is an article from the Richmond Times-Dispatch that has some good argument on waiting to apply for Social Security benefits.      

     And for our daily of “Did you know?” it is also a  “Do you know?” Do you know why someone says, “Good night, sleep tight”? During the days of Shakespeare, mattresses were secured on their bed frames by ropes. When they pulled on the ropes, the mattress would tighten. That made the mattress firmer. When it wasn’t firm enough, they could just pull the ropes tighter. So… “sleep tight”.

     And for pic o’ day:

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The Rich and their Rules

Steve Jobs was famous for wearing black turtleneck shirts, New Balance sneakers and blue jeans. As a business man, he looked the part of a rule breaker.

In his biography, Jobs claimed that he ended up wearing the black turtlenecks, because his employees complained loudly when he announced that he wanted to have a “wholly original” uniform, and it was going to be a nylon jacket. When that didn’t go over well… the turtleneck “uniform” was the choice of attire.

     If you read his biography, you’ll learn that his outward appearance was an indication of his life. During his lifetime, if you ventured on to the Apple parking lot, it reportedly was not unusual to see his Mercedes parked in a handicapped parking spot.

His Mercedes SL55 AMG was photographed may times over the years. In each picture, there is never a license plate. Do you think that he wanted to maintain his privacy; which caused him to quickly run up and take off the license plate  before each photo?

You know that’s not the answer because you continue to accumulate amazing information by reading the Joel Bieber blog! You have the combined intelligence of the CIA coupled with cat-like instincts.  You search farther and refuse to take No for a Yes. You don’t even have to stay at Holiday Inn Express. (snagged an old advertising campaign there)

There was never a license plate in the pictures because Jobs was a rule breaker. But, he wasn’t a law breaker. In fact, he learned about an unusual loophole in California law. Anyone with a brand new car had a maximum of six months to affix a license plate to the back of their new car.

Jobs worked out a deal with a local leasing company. He would always get a new Mercedes during the sixth month of the lease. So, at no time did any of his cars fit outside the time requirement of affixing a license plate to the back of the car. It wasn’t the intent of the law but it was the letter of the law. And, it made the leasing company happy. Plus, someone out there kept buying 6 month old cars, after Jobs was turning them in.

And for St Paddy’s Day, we turn pic o’ day focus to a strange Leprechaun:


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