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Half of Everything

Sometimes I receive a news article in my in-box that is “right-on-point” blog material. It even includes its own pic o’s for illustrations!  (that’s pictures for first time blog readers) So, here’s what I found.

From CNBC comes the story of a bad divorce. This man from Germany posted a video of how he decided to fairly give his wife one-half of everything they own. So, he decided to cut everything in half. Thankfully, there were no children!

First, their car:


Then their joint cellphone:


Then the couch:


And the bike:


And their bed:


The landline home phone:


Their laptop:


And finally…. the teddy bear


I Do…6 to 10 Years

Maybe it’s a perspective of happiness that’s a bit hard to understand. But, it’s a “love story” that belongs in the Friday blog. The kind of story that makes you take a second look.


From the Associated Press and Yahoo comes the story of Israel Silva, who got married and then sentenced. And, his attorney warned him before it all took place.  “There will be no, ‘You can kiss the bride,’ or whatever they say when people get married,” Silva’s defense attorney, Sarah Miles, said before her client’s impromptu wedding on Feb. 11 in Park County’s District Court.

Israel Silva wore his orange jail jumpsuit and shackles while his bride-to-be stood the mandatory 15 feet. The judge married the lovebirds before one became a jailbird. The ceremony lasted about a minute and then the judge directed them to sit down.

Next, Judge Cranfill sentenced Silva to six to 10 years in prison for a drunken crime spree which included crashing two trucks, firing a  stolen gun at other oncoming cars and leading the police on a car chase that was reportedly up to 110 m.p.h. The chase ended after Silva ran over an irrigation pipe and got stuck in a muddy barley field. At the time, he was already out on bond for another misdemeanor charge.

Silva pleaded guilty to aggravated burglary, property destruction and a third conviction of driving under the influence Somehow, all that was apparently attractive enough to woo his lady to get married… at the courthouse… well, you know. And he didn’t even wear a tie with his orange suit.

Despite the cold, I hope this pic o’ makes you smile into the weekend:


A Relationship Maze

I feel like the following is a bit like watching Wheel Of Fortune and hearing Pat Sajak tell us to “solve the puzzle”. So, let’s put this puzzle together:

At age 47, the bassist for the Rolling Stones band was Bill Wyman. At the time, he began a relationship with 13-year-old Mandy Smith. The publicist for the group quickly issued a press release that it was okay… because the relationship had her mother’s blessing. (I am trying to write this puzzle without commentary)

Six years into the relationship, Wyman and Smith were married. The marriage lasted only a year. Soon after the divorce, Wyman’s son, Stephan, married Mandy’s mother. The mother was 46 at the time. (no word whether this marriage had the daughter’s blessing)

So that creates the following: That made son Stephen, a stepfather to his former stepmother. If the original relationship, Bill and Mandy, had remained married; Stephen would have been his father’s father-in-law and his own grandfather!

DID YOU KNOW that author Frank L. Baum was trying to figure out what he should call the land where the Wizard lived?  So, he looked over at his filing cabinet and saw “A-N” and “O-Z”. He then had his title for his children’s novel,”The Wonderful Wizard of Oz”.

And for pic o’ day, it’s finally getting to be that time. (I thought that was a better introduction than ‘Cat on the griddle’)

Cat on the griddle

Truth About False Reality Shows

Dog tired


     Here we go… I am dog tired of reality shows. (I know, I just wanted to use that picture!) Now, we are learning more about one show from some divorce proceeding court documents, and what we are learning is telling us that reality is really, “let’s do it again for the cameras”.

     Lawsuits tend to bring out the truth when people are answering questions under oath. That’s what is happening in the Kim Kardashian/Kris Humphries divorce proceedings.

     The wonderful world of romance was initally played out on “Keeping up with the Kardashians”.  Now, through divorce proceedings and deposition transcripts, the testimony is telling how much of the show is really scripted. (Life & Style Weekly)  Here’s what we learned about the lack of reality in this reality show. 

  1. When we saw Humphries propose to Kim K a few years back and he spelled out WILL YOU MARRY ME  on her bed in rose petals; we were actually watching the second take. According to deposition testimony, the scene was re-shot after Kim was not satisfied with the scene or proposal. Apparently, she was bothered with how she reacted to the proposal when on camera, “she had a bad reaction or something and she was embarrassed.”
  2. Another instance of non-reality is  a scene involving Kim and her mother Kris Jenner. They were discussing Kim’s marital problems. We now know that the scene was actually taped after Kim filed for divorce from Humphries in October 2011. By then… difficulties were already down the track.
  3. Another emotion that is not so emotional, according to court documents, is that the characters had tears because of a cosmetic tool known as the “tear stick“. 
  4. In another episode, the mother was angry to learn that there had been a party thrown in her motel room while she was gone. In fact, she was in the room during the shooting of the party. Not such a surprise after all!

       According to the article, Kim Kardashian has attempted to resolve the divorce action of Humphries by offering him an estimated 10 million payoff. Instead, he refuses and is asking for more of her accumulated net worth that is a reported 35 million. Supposedly, under the settlement terms, all matters of the marriage are to be confidential. Humphries apparently believes that he stands to earn a whole lot more with a tell-all book.     

     Maybe this will be the beginning of the end of all of these reality programs. Would people watch, still knowing that reality was not real? Do people watch pro wresting? 

     For pic o’ day we are reminded that reality shows have nothing over real life:

airport reality

A Lady’s Plan

     I am headed to a legal seminar this weekend. They sent me the schedule that is a reminder of their painstaking organization, but also a plan. It’s a plan that means a lot of meetings. But, I guess that’s why I go. Anyway, when I saw the schedule, I was reminded  of the following story.

     A lady had announced that she was going to get married for a 4th time. A local reporter was fascinated by this announcement, when she heard that the woman’s 4th husband was a funeral director. Then, she learned that the other 3 husbands had passed away. It sounded like there might be a good story about how she met this funeral director.

     As the reporter began asking questions that she thought would lead to a story about the lady meeting her current beau; she never got to whether it happened during the funeral of one of her past husbands. Instead, the lady was excited to be interviewed and began to volunteer information.

     “You know that I am marrying a funeral director, but did you know what my other three husbands did for work?” she asked the reporter. “The first husband was a banker; the second husband was a ringmaster in the circus; the third husband was a minister.”

     “That is quite a difference of employment for your husbands”, said the reporter. “Yes” the woman said. “And you know why?” “One for the money, two for the show, three to get ready and four to go”.

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