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Monday Blog Collection


I started to put together some possibilities for this Monday blog and it seemed like I was going in several directions. Then, I decided to go in several directions since everything and nothing seemed worthy of a solo subject. That really is a good excuse for what is below.






I felt like I should just put some randomness with two legal articles. I need to put my mind in a happier place. I am happy for all of those that had winning football games like Skins and Cowboy fans. On the other hand, it was a tough weekend for Colts fans. Just have to force myself to smile.



OK, now that I have looked at that dog a few times, I can move to a couple of legal thoughts. Some pictures can just get me like that! I hope you’re not counting blog words; I seem to be having a hard time getting to it. Sometimes, I like reciting stories with their sources. So, here goes:

First, a trucking company is now asking the Department of Transportation to add hair testing for truck drivers. Over the last four years, Scheider National has had over 38,000 applicants for their driving positions. Using hair for drug testing determined that 1411 of those applicants failed. They say that it is more effective than other tests and should be adopted federally, so drug users are not operating 80,000 pound trucks down the roadway. Guess for some, that’s the definition of a bad hair day.

Next, The Washington Post reports that tens of thousands of tickets and fines could soon be thrown out, in a lawsuit filed against the small town of Riverdale Park. A class action has been filed that claims that tickets issued from the images of a traffic camera, were approved by two civilian employees of a police department, not by any licensed police officer. It could cost the town millions of dollars in previously paid fines. I guess this time, the police are getting ticketed.

Since I was able to work a couple of legal stories into my “legal blog”, I come to my favorite part: pic o’ day. Is this is what they mean when someone says “a tiger by the tail”?

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