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Jose Canseco on Resolutions

One last blog on resolutions in the New Year. So far, I am doing great on mine!!!! Well, almost.

Jose Canseco is known for playing baseball; playing baseball on steroids and writing about it; and among many other things: boxing very poorly, dating Madonna many years ago and going bankrupt,  despite trying to auction off an “opportunity” to “spend the day with Jose”.

I list that description in case you don’t know who he is or really could care less to click on his link to Wikipedia. The reason he is relevant to a blog on resolutions is because he just tweeted out his resolutions for the new year. I am posting them because it may give you some ideas on resolutions or ideas to make sure these are never your resolutions. Here they are from an article at Even the spelling and capitalization miss the mark:


1. spend more time with my daughter
2. get stronger and fitter
3. help people who are getting screwed wherever i can
4. return to pro baseball as player or manager and have dinners with McGwire, La Russa, Bonds, and Selig.
5. Fight Shaq in MMA cage match
5. develop and launch Ponce de CAnseco a real anti aging drink
6. Get elected to a important political office in the U.S. or canada to help all people and governments with there problems
7. Become a world class entreprenur and found at least two great companies that make peoples lives better and funner
8. Write a third book and do a move deal for Juiced!
9. Do at least 100 promotional deals for good companies and products like Animal Rights, Human health, Environmental, and Beer companies
10. Use position as A List entertainer doing reality, TV, movies, blogs, columns, appearances to be able to do more charity.

Yep, if this is your first time to my legal blog… welcome!!!! Somewhere in there is something connected to legal, Right?

For pic o’ day, just like Canseco resolutions, I went with one from Holiday photos gone wrong:


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