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An Unusual Absence Excuse

Employees miss work for various reasons. John Beale’s excuse for missing work has now caused him to be criminally charged. (Washington Post)

Beale, 64, was a senior policy adviser for the Environmental Protection Agency. Starting around 2000 and since that time, Beale would regularly miss work. He took trips to China, South Africa and England. He would even discuss his trips with co-employees and mention a lingering problem with a case of malaria.

The Arlington County resident told collegues that all the time from the office was because he had “sensitive work for another agency”.  His co-workers would even try to get him to talk about what he was doing secretly, and he would just laugh it off. He even had “an air about him”, they said.

Beale received a salary, benefits and “retention bonuses” while missing significant time. Apparently, his office just believed that his work was truly CIA or intelligence related. Now, his long term scheme has been discovered and soon he is expected to plead guilty to stealing nearly 900K from the EPA.

I know what you are thinking. How could anyone use a “CIA excuse” and get away with it? You know!

DID YOU KNOW that the spanish word “esposa” means “wife”. The plural of the same word means “wives”;  but that same plural word is also used for the word  “handcuffs”. (I rely on those who know spanish for the truthfulness of this… and I don’t really know what to think of this… I mean it!)

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