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A Pope’s Website

“Saturday Night Live” used to have a repeated skit called, “Find the Popes in the pizza contest” that was performed by the fictional Father Guido Sarducci. When I read this lawyer’s prediction in the Chicago Tribune, I figured that this man had truly found a needle in a haystack.

About three years ago, Chris Connors purchased the domain name “”. He said that he had hoped that a Pope in his lifetime would choose the name Francis, after Italian St. Francis of Assisi. Because newly elected Popes change their name, Connors was hoping for Francis because, “Nobody names their kids Innocent anymore and I thought that it’d be great if a pope chose Francis after the great Saint”. Then it happened.

Now, Connor has contacted officials near his Chicago Archdiocese to let them know that he is willing to give it to this Pope. Connor claims that he has been contacted by several people about purchasing the domain, now that it is relevant. Instead, he plans on giving it “In the spirit of St. Francis”. He told the reporter that when he tried calling to tell of his proposed gift, “he left a message. I told them that if Pope Francis wants it, he’s got it. Especially in this age with social media, it might be helpful for him if he’s going to use it. I’d like to see it used.”

This is a story of the Internet meeting the international religious stage. It is quite a prediction by Connor to purchase that domain. No word yet on who he thinks will win the NCAA championship during this March Madness.

I’m not sure how he saw that. Just like pic o’ day. I’m not sure how anyone saw this coming: (No, this is not an advertisement for underage dog drinking)

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