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Notebook Cleanup

I made the mistake of trying to watch the TV show “The Firm”.  NBC figured out early on how bad it was and quickly moved it to Saturday. They sold it as “John Grisham”. There’s a reason why I stopped reading his books too. Although, someone is still buying them. Hope you didn’t waste time on that show.

Can you believe this story on firefighter cheating in Atlanta?  A Judge has ordered the city of Atlanta to pay $320,000 in a class-action suit, because two assistant fire chiefs “provided answers to a handful of firefighters before the exam.”  I know, I shouldn’t make any jokes about “liar liar pants on fire”.

In the world of facial creams, it turns out that the English language is a must. The FDA is warning  that some skin lighteners and anti-aging facial creams that purportedly remove age spots, freckles, blemishes and wrinkles; may contain mercury. Mercury is only good far away, like one of the planets. Turns out it might remove freckles and blemishes but Mercury might also remove your pulse… for many reasons.

The warning from the FDA is that any facial creams manufactured abroad were probably sold illegally in the US. Don’t use any creams that don’t have a label. (that one seems common sense, like I wouldn’t buy facial cream from a garage sale anyway, but I digress)

US Federal law requires ingredients to be listed on the product. Don’t use if the label is in anything but English. Don’t buy while traveling abroad. Plus, the words mercurous chloride, mercuric, and calomel are a no-no. Of course, those sound like something other than English anyway.

There’s plenty still in the notebook but this was a start. Our final blog cleanup story comes from the UK.  A lady sold this 3-year-old Chicken McNugget for $8100. It supposedly looks like George Washington.  Looks a little like the Elephant man to me.

Hard to top a “George Washington Chicken McNugget”, but let’s give it a shot for pic o’ day.


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