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The Politics of Politics Settlement

Gary sneaks out of his room in nothing but his underwear to drop his food tray in the hallway. To his horror, his hotel room door closes behind him, locking him out. Thankfully, Captain Obvious is there to help  … but not really. He’s just there to point out that, normally, people wear pants and that despite Gary’s attempt to hide behind the plant, he found him immediately. Gary’s co-worker shouts after the hustling Gary that “It’s Wednesday Gary” and Gary shouts back “I know that, Janet”.

In a follow-up commercial, Gary sarcastically thanks Captain Obvious for telling him about since he’s locked out of his room. And then tells him,  “I don’t need a hotel room, I just need to get back in the one I already have”. Captain Obvious tells him “No need to thank me, since I haven’t helped you in the slightest”.

Sometimes I want to also sarcastically reply back to all those political emails from candidates who thank me for giving to their campaign and for being helpful. In fact, these computer generated spamming political fundraising emails remind me of Captain Obvious. I want to email back, “Don’t thank me, since I haven’t helped you in the slightest”.

But, that’s what happens in the world of politics, which leads me to an Associated Press story about a lawsuit that had previously been filed by former candidate Ken Cuccinelli.

According to the lawsuit, Cuccinelli said that the PAC raised $2.2 million in 2013, while promising donors  that their contribution would help Cuccinelli in his Virginia campaign for Governor, against Democrat Terry McAuliffe. Records show that the PAC only gave Cuccinelli’s campaign a total of $10,000. They were just using a name to raise funds for their own use.

As a result of the lawsuit, Federal court pleadings filed last week show that Cuccinelli and the Virginia-based Conservative StrikeForce PAC reached a settlement that will prohibit the PAC from using a political candidate’s name for future fundraising efforts against the candidate’s wishes.

Also as part of the settlement and specifically relating to the lawsuit, the PAC agreed to pay Cuccinelli’s gubernatorial campaign $85,000 and to give it exclusive rights to the PAC’s direct mail and email donor lists.

Here’s more of the nonsense of political fundraising, as well as why you and I should expect to keep getting bombarded with nonsense in our email in-box.

According to the press release statement, The StrikeForce PAC made no admission of wrongdoing as part of the settlement. It simply said that it would continue to operate but will “cease and desist” from using any candidate’s name or image “upon receipt of a written request.”

Seriously? I think Captain Obvious would not even have to state anything about that. It’s already obvious.

I think I need a good pic o’ day to feel better after that!


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