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The Dangling Letter… and Some Crazy!

Let’s start the Friday blog with that silly man at the Walmart store. Twitter was crazed with pictures of this man, who stood under the dangling P, waiting for it to fall on him. His claim was that he wanted to sue Walmart.



I’m not sure that intelligence restoration can be part of his lawsuit. Standing under the “dangling P” is also probably considered contributory negligence. But maybe his claim of “waiting 4 hours” is part of his relaxation readiness for the weekend.

And finally for our blog, I thought I would post an article from Reader’s Digest that lists 11 Outrageous Laws. I always enjoy these.  Does it surprise you that it’s against the law in Georgia to tie a giraffe to a street lamp? How about a law against getting a fish drunk? That’s just a sampler!

And for pic o’ day, I found a saying that heard when I was a kid… and I still laugh at it. Have a great weekend. These are the good days!!!!

Naked Dog








Random and Puppies

Friday is my favorite blog day because it gives me an excuse just to blog aimlessly. This week was filled with unique that included going to the studio to cut some commercials, as well as going to the Washington Wizards game. Mixed in was some real legal work. So at least I have that going for me!

So here is some “randomness” because it wouldn’t be a Friday blog without random:

Because I “type” the blog, this seemed relevant. Did you know that the word typewriter is the longest word that can be typed by using only the top row of the keyboard. (that’s one of those facts that you either keep reading because you don’t care, or you look at the computer keyboard to see if that is correct. Kinda like me saying no one can touch their elbow with their tongue. See?)

In the world of surprise comes this strange thought. In the original Star Wars trilogy movies, David Prowse was the actor in the Darth Vader suit. During the shooting of the scenes, he did all the lines and didn’t know that his voice was going to be substituted until he saw the screening of the movie. Imagine his surprise when all of his lines were being dubbed over by the voice of James Earl Jones.

And finally, because I enjoy facts about marketing, this one grabbed me. The first coin operated machine was a holy-water dispenser that required a five-drachma coin to operate. It was the “invention” of the first century Greek Scientist, Hero.

And for pic o’ day I include puppies, because it’s hard to be angry at puppies. And another, for all the cat musicians out there … and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!





And… It’s Friday… Again

I admit it. I feel lazy. So much so that I almost didn’t blog today. Then I realized; I have to, it’s Friday. Plus, Friday is a good day to blog about nothingness. What’s odd is that it seems like I am writing a Friday blog every three days. Like going to bed and sleeping fast.

So here’s the quick Friday blog topic. It’s actually a bit of an ode and a tip of the cap to Michael Delligatti. “Who?” you say.

I write about him because I just saw that Michael Delligatti passed away. (obit) Well, I really write about him because he was the iconic creator of the world famous Big Mac at McDonald’s. You might have seen that the Big Mac is trending on social media, but it’s still fun to look back at him and his idea. (Wall Street Journal) Plus, he lived to the age 98! That must say something about Big Macs being really good for you… or not so much?

Part of his “invention” story that I particularly like, is that McDonald’s corporate headquarters was initially against the idea. Especially using a triple-deck bun with sesame seeds. They thought it would be too sloppy.  He went ahead with it anyway, without approval. Of course, the rest is burger history. A great success story for our Friday blog!

So… that leads us to pic o’ day. How about some political humor?



I know, you are just shaking your head. Have a great weekend!

Just Some Crazy

For a Friday, here’s a twister. Former Rolling Stones band member and bassist Bill Wyman married model Mandy Smith in 1989. At the  time of the marriage, Wyman’s son was engaged to Mandy Smith’s mother. In 1993, his son married Smith’s mother. This made Wyman his own step-grandfather as well as step-grandfather to his own wife. Now that’s a family twister for a Friday!

If that makes your head hurt, here something else to think about. The ancient Greek leader and politician, Pericles, was so self-conscious about his pointed head that he would only pose for portraits while wearing a helmet.

Have a great weekend!!

And here’s pic o’ day:


Some Friday Fixins’



First, I know what you are thinking, “Does this cow really think that it’s the best day ever?” Just thought I’d start out with a smiling cow.

Let’s move to chicken tenders. Although, we probably shouldn’t call them chicken tenders. Not so much chicken… not so much tender. The point is, how did we get to the point where people figured out that life isn’t all about finger foods. That you can use a knife and a fork to eat… or at least should.

Let’s move to 1533, in the year of our Lord. Catherine de Medici marries Henry II of France.  When she “moves in”, she brings knives and forks with her, as well as several master Florentine cooks.

Soon, foods never before seen in France were being served that required using eating utensils instead of fingers or daggers. History also tells us that she introduced spinach. That’s where we get “à la Florentine”. She also brought the “fixins'” of sweetbreads, artichoke hearts, truffles, macaroons, and ice cream.

And pizza… it’s not just for breakfast anymore.



Have a great weekend! (seems like I just typed that a couple of days ago) And I hope that you have some great food this weekend!


The Positive!

It feels like I was just writing a Friday blog. This week moved quickly! So, first a Friday coffee:


Yesterday I had a client tell me that she wanted to make sure that I knew how helpful and friendly her paralegal had been throughout our representation.  The paralegal made me look good because of her attitude.

Coincidentally, I had just read the following online review of a Richmond pasta restaurant experience:

Loud and dark. Unfriendly service. Party of 10 had reservations and our elderly mother was going to be 10 minutes late. They would not let her sit with us when she arrived. She had to hang out at the bar till we were done. Food great but not worth with service like that.

Also this past week, one of our lawyers took his wife to the opening of a new restaurant in the area. When I asked him if he liked it, he answered, “that’s difficult to say”.

He went on to describe that they probably would not be returning. It wasn’t that the food was bad, it was that the overall attitude from the hostess to the restaurant manager was that no one cared that they were there… and the service and dining experience reflected that attitude.

Here’s one of those Pinterest anonymous quotes that reminds us of the importance of a good attitude… and how it makes a difference:

A negative thinker sees difficulty in every opportunity. A positive thinker sees an opportunity in every difficulty.

Here’s to a positive weekend!!!


Strolling Into Friday

I always enjoy pulling “stuff” from the notebook for a Friday. I even enjoy the thought of “notebook”. I’m not sure how long it has been since I truly used or carried a notebook. Maybe the 19th century? But I digress.



How can you argue with a strutting cat as starter pic o’ ?

On this day in 1620, the Pilgrims set sail from England in the Mayflower. Word has it that they didn’t have any of those amazing cruise ship midnight buffets. Which reminds me…

The pilgrims used a special tool in church to keep people from falling asleep during the sermon. In those days, a sermon might last 7-8 hours (and they didn’t have a remote control to change the channel).

The tool to keep parishioners awake was a wooden ball attached to a string on a long stick. The appointed member of the clergy would hoist the ball over the “sleeper” and clop them on the head with the wooden ball. (I suppose that football helmets in church were frowned upon)


For a Friday blog, there has to be some political, right? So here is a recent posted political survey:


The word coward was originally a boy who took care of cows. What do they call someone who takes care of cows now? Not a cowboy?

Have a great weekend!!!

And we close with some pic o’ suspense:



Another Friday

This Friday seemed to get here quickly. Maybe you felt like the week was a marathon… it seemed like a sprint to me!

So, here’s to a great weekend. It’s going to be a great weekend for us! And some pictures that were sent to me!



I guess that’s what is called an animal comedian.




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