Eagles fan Jeffrey Riegel was a passionate Eagles fan who owned season tickets for more than 30 years. Sadly, the Eagles never won a Super Bowl during his lifetime. He did get to see them play in the Super Bowl… so all wasn’t lost!

Which brings us to another crazy story about Jeremy Benthem (Wikipedia) He was an English philosopher and writer who passed away in 1832.



Bentham was active as a writer, right up until his death. In his will, he left a significant amount of money to the University College London (UCL). As part of his bequest, the will also stipulated that they take his body as well. (See the picture above)

While some people donate their bodies to science,  Bentham wanted his body to be hollowed out and cast in wax, and then have his wax likeness also sit in on hospital board meetings. The Wikipedia attachment gives more specifics on the instructions for his body.

The hospital agreed to comply with the will. For 92 years, he sat in on meetings. I suspect that if I had that box above to sit in on our law firm meetings, the meeting would be a great deal shorter! Fortunately, he also donated a large book collection. He is also credited with the idea of making common law into a code of laws.

After that, it’s a little bit difficult to top a box-o-body picture. But at least pic o’ day is a lot more fun! And I am feeling positive because it’s great to have work…. right?