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Understanding All The Facts

Part of being a good lawyer is gathering all the facts. I know that sounds like something that Captain Obvious would say.  Of course, you have to ask the right questions to get the true facts.

Which brings me to a story on that thought:

A salesman was knocking on doors along a country road. He came upon a farmhouse that was surrounded by a picket fence. There, sitting on the porch sat an old farmer. Inside the fence there was a mean-looking dog lying on the ground.

The salesman called over the fence to the farmer, “Does your dog bite?”. The farmer shook his head and answered that his dog does not bite. The salesman then confidently opened the fence and walked toward the farmer to show him what he was selling.

Suddenly, the dog attacked the salesman viciously and bit him. The salesman was able to shake the dog off and jump back over the fence. With his pants torn, he hollered back at the farmer, “I thought you said that your dog doesn’t bite”.

The farmer answered, “My dog doesn’t bite, but that’s not my dog”.

And for pic o’ day


Lincoln’s Dog: Fido

While living in Illinois, Abraham Lincoln was known as an animal lover who abhored hunting and fishing. (Abraham Lincoln Blog) That was considered a bit unusual, since he was also known as an outdoorsman.

He named his favorite dog Fido.


Today, we consider that as a catch-all name for dogs. In those days, it was considered unusual. Lincoln had named his dog Fido, because Lincoln knew Latin;  it means faithful.

When Lincoln was elected President, he was faced with the decision of taking his beloved dog to Washington. Some say that Lincoln’s wife was very much against taking this undisciplined dog to the White House to ruin the furniture there. In Fido’s very picture, he is shown sitting “on his couch” in the Lincoln house.

Others say that Lincoln did not take Fido with him because he was concerned that the dog would not survive the trip to Washington, and  he was also concerned about the quallity of life that Fido would have there.

So, for whatever reason, Lincoln left Fido with a good family friend in Illinois; with the intention of moving back to Illinois and Fido, when his Presidency had ended. Lincoln stipulated that Fido would continue to be an indoor dog; receive special treats, since Lincoln was also known to feed him treats from the table; and that Fido would also be allowed to sleep on his favorite horsehair sofa brought over from his Lincoln home.

Those conditions were met. In fact, Fido became a nationally known dog, which is part of the reason that people began to name their own dogs by the name of Fido. Lincoln also had photographs of Fido taken, considered very rare at that time. Here’s another from

Fido again

As we know, Lincoln never made it back to Illinois. After Lincoln was assassinated, Fido was brought to the Lincoln home in Illinois, to also greet mourners there.  About a year later, Fido was also “assassinated” in the street when a drunk man stabbed the dog without any real reason.

Today, photographs of Fido are rare and have become highly collectible. A photograph of Fido has even “fetched” upwards of thousands of dollars. Plus, the name of Fido has become as common as the human name of “John Doe”.

DID YOU KNOW that there was once a state named Franklin. Ultimately, it became the state of Tennessee. For some real history reading, here is how it became the state of Tennessee, with additional names along the way that included the Free Republic of Franklin, and the State of Frankland. (Wikipedia history)

And from Amy M. for pic o’ day on a Monday, here’s to looking cool:


Hoarding and Collecting

     Sometimes I feel that I should give you a break by being a “brief blogger”. So, here is a shorty on collecting and hoarding. First, the collecting part.

     A USA Today article on change that is left at airports. Last year,  over 500K in change was left in those little baskets. The article speculates on some of the reasons… running late, forgetfulness and even just not wanting to be bothered with change. Maybe Lincoln should be bothered about being on the penny! It also gives a breakdown on the amounts per airport. 

     And for the hoarding part here is pic o’ day:



You Can Now Vote!


Almost all pet owners that I know, believe that their dogs are superheroes.




With all the excitement going on at the University of Virginia regarding their President,I’ve been reading the Charlottesville news.  I thought that the following from the Daily Progress made this dog story rather topical.


It’s a reminder to get out to vote, or get involved…or something like that.


When Bedford County resident, Tim Morris, got his mail last week; he thought that someone was playing a trick on him. There was a letter from the non-profit Voter Participation Center that was sending voter registration forms to Mozart.

Mozart was his dog who passed away about two years ago. He would have turned 18 this past week. The voter registration efforts of the Voter Participation Center are focused on encouraging young people, minorities and unmarried women to get registered to vote.

The organization told the reporter that they purchase mailing lists from vendors. They didn’t really have an explanation for why they were sending these forms to Mozart.

Jurors in Virginia are selected randomly from the voter registration list. As a juror, you must be able to read, write, speak and understand the English language. Well, I guess Mozart couldn’t meet all the qualifications to sit on a jury.

For pic o’ day, I couldn’t remember if I had posted this before, but it makes me laugh. It speaks of teamwork. Although, I’m not sure that the dog was that excited about this:


Scared in Trial?

There are some lawyers who have chosen  business or real estate closings, for their practice of law. One of my old bosses was quick to tell people that he did not enjoy the Courtroom.

Part of happiness is to find what you enjoy and do it. During my first year of practice, I did a closing and determined to never do another one.

This pic o’ day is a reminder that you can’t be scared to go to trial, if you are a trial lawyer. You also can’t drive a boat, if you are a scared Corgi.

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