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Death Certificate Story

     A death certificate is required for insurance proceeds. It may also hold the key to criminal prosecution. It is a document that states the location, date and cause of death. tells the story of “Causes of Death You Won’t Want on Your Death Certificate”.  I have attached the article because it has several stories about death certificates that I can’t cover quickly in the blog. However, when I read the title of the article, I considered the thought that maybe no one really cares what is on their death certificate… but I digress. 

     For the purposes of the article, it tells the stories of some unusual causes of death. In 1880, J. Nash from Colorado reportedly died from sore eyes. I know, maybe that gives meaning to the saying, “you are a sight for sore eyes”.

     Ohio politician and lawyer, Clement Vallandigham, was in court to demonstrate that a murder suspect was not guilty and that the victim could have shot himself. The lawyer grabbed the gun to demonstrate his theory. Unknown to him, the gun was loaded. Hence, his death certificate of June 21, 1871, lets us know that he argued too effectively for his client.  

     Jack Daniel (yes, that Jack Daniel), was a victim of his own frustration and temper. He got angry that he could not open his own safe, causing him to kick it. The kick caused injury to his toe which got infected. As listed on his death certificate, he died from blood infection. I guess death by safe would have been a bit of a reach but the safe is on display in the Jack Daniel’s distillery in Lynchburg. advertises and prides itself on helping people research their family history. Part of that history includes the documents that record the causes of death. The documents may also remind us to keep our temper or wear glasses to avoid eye strain.

     For pic o’ day, I went with something a little different. The document of a Toddler’s rules of possession:

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