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Just No-Names

Famous Dallas Cowboy coach Tom Landry was asked about getting ready to play the Miami Dolphins. At the time, the Dolphins were known as a high-flying offensive team. Landry said that he wasn’t afraid of the offense, it was the defense that concerned him. He admitted that he didn’t even know any of the players’ names on the defense. As a result, he is credited with coining the phrase the No-Name  Defense.

It was this same 1972 NFL Miami Dolphins that is remembered as the only team to win the Super Bowl after going undefeated in the regular season. In fact, they used Landry’s quote as “billboard material” to fire them up. Of course, after that season, everyone knew their names.

During every football season, those remaining Miami Dolphins get together to celebrate when the last undefeated team gets beaten during the season. They are then able to continue to celebrate their accomplishment of being the only undefeated champion. That year including all regular season, playoff, and their Super Bowl victories; they finished a perfect 17-0.

I was somewhat reminded of the No-Name Defense, as we resolved a significant case last week. I counted 7 lawyers and at least 4 paralegals who had worked on the case. In this instance, the case settled for a confidential amount. It was a confidential settlement because of factors involved in the injuries as well as some remaining defendants. So, there will be no outside recognition for anyone; Despite the amount of work that they put in on the case.

I guess that truly defines personal satisfaction. A satisfaction of a job well-done that does not require the recognition from others. They all deserved the recognition. However, they truly received their satisfaction by knowing that a wrongdoer had to pay for their responsible conduct; and a family will be positively impacted by the acceptance of that responsibility. That is a job well done!

DID YOU KNOW that hippophobia is the fear of horses? I wonder what the fear of clowns riding horses is called?

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