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Coppertone Burned

I was trying to be creative with my Coppertone blog title. The real story (Reuters) is that Merck has agreed to settle a decade old class-action suit over allegations that the company had made false claims about its Coppertone sunscreen products.

Merck purchased the Coppertone franchise in 2009, so it knew that it was taking on this litigation. It now has agreed to pay between 3 and 10 million to settle the claims that were previously brought against Coppertone, but does so with the standard settlement language of  “denied any wrongdoing or liability”.

The lawsuit had been brought on behalf of several consumers.  The lawsuit claimed that Coppertone exaggerated claims about its sunblock sprays and lotions. As part of the settlement, Merck agrees that Coppertone products that are manufactured after June 22,, 2012 will not use the terms “sunblock”, “waterproof”, “sweatproof”, “all day”, and/or “all day protection” in the label, or in the advertising or marketing of its sunblock products.

Those that purchased Coppertone products during the class settlement period are able to claim a refund of $1.50 per purchase. As to the description of the product, I am still wondering what they will now market. How does this sound, “Product to be used for fun at the beach… that’s all” or “How about some Coppertone that doesn’t guarantee”?

For pic o’ day, my mom sent me this one. Good voice marketing!

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