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Why Cat Shaving?

The management at the Houston airport made an interesting discovery about human behavior. After an increase in complaints about delays in their baggage handling, they moved the baggage claim carousels farther away. Now, passengers have to walk farther to get to their bags.

The complaints about baggage delays have dropped to almost zero. Keeping people busy by walking has reduced their dissatisfaction. Or, maybe the bags were there by the time they got there.  Sometimes you just have to match up human behavior to solve it!



Which brings me to a story in Waynesboro, Virginia. Someone is shaving cats. Not their own cats. That’s the mystery. And there is no law against cat shaving.

It’s just that people are reporting that their cats are returning home unharmed, and shaven. PilotOnline calls it a “mystery in Virginia”.

The “feline barbering spree” includes a total of 7 cats, and their owners are bothered. They can’t even come up with a reason for it. The cats are unhurt but the owners “just want it to stop”.

Now why is someone shaving these cats’ legs and stomachs? Maybe the shaver just needs something to do like the baggage walkers. Or maybe, someone is just ticked off that dogs can’t roam and cats have free rein. A dog lover with a razor. Or maybe, it’s just plain crazy.

Might just be better to take up reading on a cloudy day! That’s a better “busy”.



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