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A Computer Hacker Reminder

     This blog story is a reminder of the computer predators that lurk out there, and the techniques that can be employed to get our personal information. The ending of the story, as reported by PCWorld, is that the hacker/predator is facing six years in jail for  felony hacking, child pornography and identify theft. Now, here is the tale of a bad person that did harm with technology.

     23- year- old George Bronk was arrested in October, after police found evidence that he had hacked into 3200 email accounts. His purpose was to look for compromising photos of woman in their email accounts. His method was to use simple information that was already out in the public domain. In 172 accounts, he found such photos.

     Bronk would go to websites including  Facebook, and look for basic information about the individuals. Then, posing as the victim,  he would  go to Web-based email services such as Gmail or Yahoo Mail, and click that he had forgotten the  password.

     Often, to provide the password, automated questions would be sent back such as “What is your high school mascot?” or “What is your father’s middle name.”. From information collected from the sites, he could figure out where they had gone to school and even google the mascot name. The family names were easy, as well.

     Bronk is going to jail. However, he posted some of the pictures on the Internet. Those could be floating out there forever. The jail time is little consolation for those victims. The California Attorney General said in a statement, “This case highlights the fact that anyone with an email account is vulnerable to identify theft”.

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