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Lawsuits After the Big Fight

It’s boxing and lawsuits. And, there’s a lot of money involved.

Last Saturday night in Las Vegas,  Floyd Mayweather won a 12-round victory by  a three judge unanimous decision over Manny Pacquiao. Initial financial estimates indicate that the fight generated approximately $400 million in revenue. Now, fans want a piece of that prize money.

Two fans have filed a federal lawsuit alleging that consumer laws were violated and bettors didn’t get fair fight because of Pacquiao’s failure to disclose that he had suffered a shoulder injury before the fight. The lawsuit seek damages from Pacquiao as well as his promotion company, Top Rank Inc., on behalf of all who purchased tickets for the fight; those who watched the fight on pay-per-view television; and gamblers who wagered on the fight.

Since the boxing match, it has been reported that Pacquiao has already had right shoulder surgery to repair a “significant tear” in his rotator cuff. More fuel to the lawsuit, that the fight never should have taken place.

A separate suit has been filed against the victorious fighter, Floyd Mayweather.  The mother of three of his children has now filed a defamation suit against him in Los Angeles Superior Court. The lawsuit was brought because of remarks that he made about her in media interviews before the fight. In an April interview with Katie Couric, he claimed among other things that he wasn’t really assaulting her in a 2010 incident at their Las Vegas home. Instead, he was just trying to restrain her because she was on drugs at the time.

At the time, Mayweather was arrested and charged with domestic violence after two of their children witnessed him pulling her hair and twisting her arm so hard that she thought that she had broken it. He ended up pleading guilty to a misdemeanor charge and spending two months in jail.

The lawsuit seeks $20 million. It is estimated that Mayweather could get as much as $200 million from the fight, once all the fight income including pay-per-view profits are totaled.

It just makes me shake my head!

Have a great weekend!

And for pic o’ day…


Authority is the Authority

You know the old saying that everyone has a boss… even when they are the boss. I have had a judge tell me that a trial was going to be scheduled during my vacation, and that his courtroom was not dictated by my schedule. Sure enough… he was not controlled by my schedule.

This week, the National Basketball Association kicked off its season. They have 3 referees at the game calling fouls and enforcing the rules. The refs are paid significantly less than the players but they are still the authority.

The rules of evidence, just like rules in a sports contest, are ultimately the rules that govern the play. There is always authority and consequences for not obeying authority, just as there are prison inmates who would ruefully tell us that they broke the rules.

I started the blog with all of that to lead to this video below. I know that you might have a device that will make it difficult to click and watch. In brief description, it shows a boxer who was not happy with a referee counting him out and stopping the fight. Then, he punched “the authority”. I am sure there will be consequences to pay!

Utah Attorney General v. BCS

“And in this corner” is one of those famous boxing lines that usually was followed with some fancy nickname like “The Irish Butcher” or “The Marshmallow Masher”.  OK, maybe not those nicknames, but it meant that they were about to “get ready to rumble”.

By the way, did you know that  Michael Buffer trademarked “let’s get ready to rumble” and has generated an estimated 400 million in revenue by doing that.  How can I make “read Joel Bieber’s blog” into a video game to generate revenue too? But, I digress.

This time of year brings out the complainers and lawsuits over the college football Bowl Championship Series. (BCS). The BCS determines the system and teams in major bowl games. Plus, this system also picks a national college champion.

In 2010, President took a detour from a President’s job of  job creation/tax fights/judge appointments/ political speeches….  and came out with a statement that he was “going to throw his weight around to get a playoff system”.  Well, apparently, the President didn’t eat enough at Thanksgiving because the BCS still stands.

This computer system/organization will determine the teams playing in the major bowl games over the holidays. That really means that it determines how to divide up about $158.2  and 28.4 million for four football games; while the other conferences not in those 4 BCS games, will be dividing up $13.2 million among their non-qualifying conferences.

I could get more detailed, but the weight of those big dollar numbers is persuasive enough to understand why the Utah Attorney General has filed a lawsuit against the BCS.

The impetus for the suit is because Boise State got left out.  Based on their record, Utah AG Mark Shurtleff believes that  “there was some kind of mischief going on”. Bill Hancock, the executive director of the BCS, does not agree with Shurtleff’s assertions that there is some conspiracy slanted toward big football conferences.

This is one of those blogs that I’ll just put out there for you. If you want to think conspiracy then maybe you should consider whether any Presidential candidates are getting involved on this one.

Before doing that, you might take a shortcut to the answer by checking on how many electoral college votes that UTAH brings to the upcoming Presidential election. Things that make you go hmmm.

And now pic o’ day. Wait a second. Where did this manger scene extra come from?

“Uzzy” and the Negotiation Dance

     My family tells me that I write too many blogs about the ills of the Chamber of Commerce. Lately, I’ve probably been writing too many blogs about negotiating with insurance adjusters. It’s my way to vent.

     Somehow, the video below got sent to me as a crazy sport’s video. When I saw it, it reminded me of my negotiations with adjusters. I know, when you watch the video, you will just shake your head.

     It reminded me of adjusters when they act like their offer of $500 above medical bills is a good offer, and that I should feel some relief, when they say they have a “little room to move”. Then, they never show up at the trial and never call me back after the verdict.  I just don’t think that their dance lives up to their defense.

     Let me set up the video. We have “Uzzy” performing a crazy dance as he comes into the ring. (adjuster performing the negotiation dance). I say “Uzzy” because he has his amazing gold chain around his neck. After about 2 minutes of dancing, he gets in the ring and acts tough with the other fighter. Then, it doesn’t end so good for “Uzzy”. No more dancing out of the ring.

     If the video bores you, just stop it. Maybe turn the music off! I think the ending might be a grabber. I promise, I’ll work on a better blog for tomorrow. It won’t have dancing “Uzzy” in it.

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