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This and That on Friday

Sometimes it’s nice to reach for the notebook, give it a good shake… and see what comes out for a Friday blog.

a puppy laugh

Life is about choices. During a time of career slump, John Travolta turned down the part of playing the lovable Forrest Gump, a role that won Tom Hanks his second Best Actor Oscar.

From the history books is one of those rumored stories about President Lincoln’s well-known difficulties in finding a competent general to lead the Union armies during the Civil War.  One General was roundly criticized by many and was ultimately hired, fired, and then rehired when his successors proved just as bad (General McClellan).

When Lincloln was asked why he didn’t just fire McClellan once and for all, Honest Abe replied with a question  “And replace him with whom?”  “Anybody.” came the reply. “That’s just it,” said Mr. Lincoln, “I can’t have ANYBODY. I have to have SOMEBODY”

And for pic o’ day, I really can’t tell if I am more distracted by the computer, a boxer at a desk, or the fact that someone is distracting hm from his work.

old computer

That Time of Year

I’ve been hustling, trying to get some year-end cases resolved. For some reason, it seems that insurance companies decide  they want to “close the book” on some cases. So, it made me a little short on blogging.

I’ll have to rely on you to send some good comments. I guess it’s too much to ask for comments on nothing to comment about.

Well, at least I have pic o’. Nothing like a boxer dressed as an elf for the holidays.

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