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Turning 55

Monday is my birthday. I turn 55. At first, I thought that I might just type those first two sentences as my blog today, But, I didn’t really know what that meant. I “turn” 55?

I decided to google “turning 55”. There are a lot of  people writing about it. There’s even retirement advice. People are writing about their goals and their dog getting old, and driving and not wearing high heels.

It’s odd that I feel disconnected from it. I don’t even know what to say except that I will smile when I say to my parents, “Can you believe that you have a 55-year-old son?”. My wife won’t be surprised if I play some Madden on PlayStation. Turning 55 won’t change that.

It’s a continuum of time. II Peter 3:8 says that, “with the Lord, one day is like a thousand years and a thousand years as one day”. So at least I have that going for me.

I have no thoughts of retiring. Of course, both my parents still work at the church, so I come by that honestly.

I have heard people say that looking over their life, they wouldn’t change anything. Not sure I would say that.  I guess I’m just not thinking too deeply about it.

I enjoy a good laugh; A Chik-fil-A sandwich with extra pickles; A bit of exercising because of things like that sandwich; A good book; A fresh Hanover tomato.

I remain curious; I enjoy a good story. I still dislike insurance companies, and I’m still not sure who shot JFK.

Ben Franklin said that getting older makes you distrust young doctors and old barbers. I can’t say that even resonates with me, but it does make me laugh.

This doesn’t feel like an arrival. I will have cake because I like cake. But, I’d like to eat cake everyday!

Yes, I wish I could write an epic blog about turning 55. Maybe turning 56 or 60 will cause me to be more reflective. For now, I am just glad to be where I am… right now. And, I plan on being just as glad after my birthday on Monday.

I’ll be back with a blog on Wednesday; But, I suspect that my birthday will have no effect on my random blogging!

And for my birthday pic o’….


Comparing the Years

I have written a few blogs about age. That included the discussion of introducing evidence to a jury to consider a client’s life expectancy. Some even told me that they went to Virginia Code Section 8.01-419  just to see how long  Virginia law says that they are supposed to live.

That brings me to an interesting website called You’re getting old. It requires you to put your birthday in a box and then… it gives you all kinds of information to make you feel old. This despite the fact that it also says that the average person going to the website is 33. Yep… not much to say about that. So, for a Monday blog, I figured this might be fun discovery if you click on it.

DID YOU KNOW that the first huddle in football was formed because one team had a deaf player who used sign language, and his teammates did not want the opposing team to see the signals that he used so they formed a huddle around him?

And for pic o’ day, a bit of home security:

home security

The Ice Cream Blog and Buffett

This is a blog that I am comparing to a bowl of ice cream. Personally, I am not sure that I can ever remember having had enough ice cream. I know that I have publicly had enough because I stop taking more spoonfuls, before people start to stare.

Warren Buffett turned 83 last week. Motley Fool wrote a fun article that I am recommending to you titled  “83 Reasons We Love Warren Buffett“.  Like the ice cream, after a few reasons, you  may have had enough. On the other hand, maybe you wish that the article had 150 reasons.

One of my favorites from this is Buffett’s philosophy that states the old “we are who we surround ourselves with”, is said a little differently in his words, ” It’s better to hang out with people better than you. Pick out associates whose behavior is better than yours and you’ll drift in that direction. Wall Street is the only place that people ride to work in a Rolls-Royce to get advice from those who take the subway“. That’s a good way to say “stop using focus groups!”.

Another good one from the list is “Price is what you pay; value is what you get.” One last one I note from the list is a reminder that “if past history was all there was to the game, the richest people would be librarians“.

DID YOU KNOW that the original name for the butterfly was the “flutterby”. I guess it doesn’t sound as romantic to hear someone say, “you look so beautiful in the way you move, My Little Flutterby”. (But I digress)

And this pic o’ day is also some philosophy passed on from the farm!

cow and grass

Angry Face Over Facebook

On Monday,  I went to breakfast with mom and dad to celebrate dad’s birthday. When I got back to the office, Alexandra helped me post a picture on Facebook of dad and me from his birthday breakfast. I was excited about the posting. Then, I saw the news of  someone who was not so excited about her Facebook picture being used without permission.

The NY Daily News is reporting that Chelsea Chaney has filed suit for two-million-dollars against her high school district. The lawsuit claims that a district administrator used a photo of her in a bikini, that he took off her Facebook posting.

The photo was used in a presentation at a district conference. The speaker was discussing the topic of  “once it’s there, it’s there to stay”. Chaney has filed suit with a claim that the photo was used without her permission.

The photo of Chaney was initially taken while on a family trip. Chaney was wearing a bikini and standing next to a cardboard cutout of rapper Snoop Dog. (Those in the know here tell me that he is now known as “Snoop Lion”. No word on whether he is changing his name soon to “Snoop Unicorn”?)

Chaney claims that she posted the picture only for her friends to see. Now, she has learned that hundreds of strangers have seen the picture, and she believes that the presentation has harmed her, because it has portrayed her as a “promiscuous abuser of alcohol”.

The school has apologized by letter. They indicate that the photo was randomly chosen for the event. Chaney’s attorney responded, “Their idea that putting something on Facebook gives them a license to steal it and carte blanche to do with it what they did is wrong ethically. It’s wrong morally and it’s absolutely wrong legally”.

For pic o’ day, I selected one “randomly” to show a “family” viewing Facebook together?

Facebook family

Birthday Plus Blog Anniversary


Some of my blogs are just different from the others and this qualifies as personally different. By coincidence, my 1000th blog also happens to fall on my birthday.

I’d like to pretend to be three chess moves ahead in having that line-up of events. Of course, I guess it could also fall on the anniversary of the invention of the Internet. Not quite that planned.

I remember deciding that I wanted to start blogging. My first few attempts were solely related to law and they were so boring. I think that the first several were normally read by a crowd of 2-3 people on a daily basis. Now, there must be at least 4 or 5! Plus, pic o’ day added a few. Some have even admitted to scanning through the blogging just to see pic o’.

In the coming days, we will post some blogs of the past. I hope that you enjoy those, even if you remember them. Maybe we will add new pictures. Thanks for sticking with me. Hopefully,  my blog experience will make the next 1000 full of useful tidbits.

For me, I thought I would celebrate this blog by posting some pictures that were sent by Amy M. All three make me laugh. So, I guess these are pics o’s!

First is a dog’s heaven:

Next is “Thinking Cat”:

And finally, the Pizza Delivery Pup:


Eat Less and Work More

 just did a story on Floyd Ferguson’s birthday. He turned 105 last week.  His friends say that he’s as “sharp as a tack”. At his own birthday celebration, he sang his favorite hymns and then even joined in to sing “Happy Birthday” to himself.

     Everyone wanted to know how he felt and the secret to long life. He said that “I do have some problems with my legs; but other than that, I feel pretty good”.

     So, what is his secret to long life? “Eat less and work more”. His daughter said that he retired after working 32 years as a machinist with the railroad. He also enjoyed his service in the Civil Air Patrol, where he earned his pilot’s license. Until he moved in 2009, from his long-time residence in Spartanburg to an assisted living home; he had maintained a large garden and shared vegetables with his neighbors and people at church, where he was the song leader.

     His daughter told the reporter that “He’s in remarkable health, and you’ll probably be back here in a few years. He hasn’t slowed down.”

     I always enjoy reading about someone living a full and happy life. Regularly, I will submit claims to insurance companies that include that my client had intended to work many years beyond 65. Of course, the adjuster usually just scoffs at the notion and does not want to consider such in the evaluation of harms and losses. 

     I’m guessing that this story won’t be circulated around insurance claims’ offices. Articles like these are a reminder to keep doing what you want to keep doing!


A Thursday Excuse

     Because my birthday was yesterday, I have to admit that I was slack in getting a blog out. I wanted to do a real thinking blog, but a cake sugar high only makes you creative for about 4 minutes.

     Here’s the product of my 4 minute creativity. I selected a picture that I call “Business as Usual”, since those are the signs that these 2 ladies are putting up. I was kinda hoping that you would see a couple paragraphs in the blog and just think it was business as usual. 

     The picture is one of those that you can just let your imagination (or a birhtday cake 4 minute sugar high) run wild. They are dressed in matching black and white outfits.     


Or, how I felt after my birthday eating: pic o’ day


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