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One Push-up Short

This is a blog that combines fitness, or lack of fitness; with a story about a scary text.

Our first story takes us to a lawsuit filed against the FBI in Chicago. An intelligence analyst missed becoming a special agent because he failed the physical test by one push- up.

Here’s the kicker. His lawsuit claims gender-discrimination because it is flawed and biased against men. Now you see why I included this in my blog. You probably could go a long time without ever seeing that kind of lawsuit again.

The story goes that Jay Bauer joined the FBI in 2009 as a doctoral graduate from Northwestern University. He passed his fitness test at the new-agent Quantico, Virginia training facility. There, he graduated at or near the top of his class in everything from firearms to academics. He was even picked as leader of his class by his classmates.

Trainees must then pass another fitness test at the FBI Academy. Men have to complete at least 38 sit-ups in a minute and at least 30 untimed push-ups. Male candidates must also sprint 300 meters (I had to look that up to learn that 300 meters is 328.08 yards. That bares repeating the joke of how many feet are in a yard… it depends on how many people are standing in the yard. I know, it didn’t bare repeating)

Back to our fitness challenged analyst story. Unfortunately, he did everything but could only do 29 push-ups. The lawsuit is now pending because he is still unable to become an agent, while  female trainees do not have the same requirement.

Speaking of “bares repeating”, the second story is posted as the video below. I have written in the past about not sending a text while driving. Well, if you haven’t seen it, this man almost ran into a bear while sending a text to his boss. Apparently, this is a wooded area in California and this bear is hanging around out there. No texting while running into bears is now added.

California has issued the following warning about what to do if you encounter a bear, “do not run. Instead, face the animal and make noise and try to appear as large as possible”. I guess now that they also may want to include, “and hand the bear your cell phone to distract him with a text or word games”.

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