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Freedom of Basketball Speak

The NBA basketball season is about to begin, which means that I will make a few trips up to Washington DC, to see the Washington Wizards. I have had some form of season tickets over the last several years. Currently, they are under the basket, where you can hear the players talking to each other, as well as the officials. It brings a different perspective to watching a game.

As a Wizards' fan, I have repeatedly seen Lebron James help to knock them out of the playoffs. If you visit most Wizard message boards, you will see that there is no love lost there, for Lebron and the Cleveland Cavaliers. In addition, if you watch closely, you constantly see James whining about calls and acting like he has suffered tremendous injury. (now you're seeing the fan come out of me!)

I have seen referees give him calls and allow him to take up to 5 steps, without dribbling the ball. Some call it a great conspiracy. Others just accept the fact that the NBA is built on stars and they should get the calls. No one is there to see the coaches or the bench players. Subsequently, its become a regular event to see Lebron go up for a layup, draw a little contact, and reach up to his lip to search for blood. Of course there's never any there.

    After watching this fake mouth trick repeatedly, I have taken to calling him "Mr Softee" or "Crybabe". From my seats, he is apparently able to hear me. After one such game, he came over to hug a woman 2 seats down, who turned out, I think, to be his mom. Then, he gave me the Lebron glare. It made the tickets so worthwhile!

I have done the above 4 paragraphs as a windup to the LA Times story that I just saw. Apparently, James was just asked who he would most like to dunk on. If you recall, there was a big story on how Nike confiscated a phone video that showed James getting "posterized" as it's called, when someone dunked on him at a camp. So,  he does know a little something about it.

Anyway, back to the Basketball free speech of this blog. His response as to who he would like to dunk on was not Kobe Bryant, who keeps showing him the difference between good and winning; It wasn't Dwight Howard, the center of the team that knocked Lebron out of the playoffs last year. No, his answer was former President George Bush.  James said. "I would dunk on [him], break the rim and shatter the glass."

I'm thankful for freedom of speech. Even fools can say what is on their mind. Plus, I can take a short blog topic and make it long.

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