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The Story of Chef Ed


Those food directions crack me up!

I start out with a food quote because I was reminded by Uncle D about a food story for Our Blog. The story of Chef Ed. Several years ago, Uncle D and I met Chef Ed. He had amazing dreams of a large restaurant and catering business in Virginia Beach.

We showed up for the opening day of his restaurant named “The Rotisserie“.  It was packed. The food was good. He had chickens turning on the rotisserie and Chef was milling about the crowd with a smile on his face, making sure everyone was enjoying the good food.

Over the next year, we would go into the restaurant about once a week. I noticed that there were some empty booths and Chef looked a bit tired. Then one day, we walked in and immediately noticed…. the chickens were not turning on the rotisserie. Dennis pointed it out and we both shook our head.

Sure enough, the restaurant was closed within a month. And now, when we see a business that seems to be failing, we use the metaphor that, “it looks like the chickens have stopped turning on the rotisserie“.

It kinda makes me a bit sad to type that story. And I do not know what Chef Ed is doing today. I hope he has continued to pursue his dream.

In my life, I have experienced difficulties and failures. But I have tried to learn from those failures; pick myself up; just keep trying; not dwell in the past; and “get the rotisserie turning again”.

By the way, do you mind if I throw another food pic o’ in right here?



Bobby Ukrop recently told me about the advice that his father would always give him. Whether it was about sports or life… “get in there and just make something happen“.

These are the good days!


And for pic o’ day, I had to stay in theme. Hahahahahaha!


Political Winds Plus Some Ramblings

This is a thinking blog starter for Friday… right? It is only understood by coffee drinkers!



Let’s start with something that is hard to understand. And then something that is understandable.

Hard to understand? It’s a story from This whole story is crazy to me. Especially the Cheetos.

The title of the article says it all.  Homeowner finds naked intruder in her tub, eating Cheetos. There is a lot wrong with that. Hard to understand! I guess you can look for the positive and be thankful that she did not steal their goldfish! Boom!


And now to the understandable.

Earlier this week I had breakfast with a member of the Virginia House of Delegates. I had never personally met him, so I did some background research on bills that he had introduced in the last session, bills he had supported, and donors who had made contributions to election/reelection.

I found that Geico had been one of his contributors. They had given more significantly to some Republicans, but he was one of the few Democrats that had received a political contribution from the insurance company, even though it was only $250.

I asked him why he thought that Geico had contributed to his campaign. He advised that he sat on a subcommittee of three legislators that handled insurance legislation. All three of them had received political contributions from Geico.

And that’s how it works! Easy to understand. Does it make you want to say “Good Day”?




And finally, have a great weekend!



How About A Food Blog?

Because Our Blog is on food today, it just seemed like a good time to have the food pyramid.


And then this food in the fridge thought just cracked me up. See (Or should I spell that SeA? Maybe if we were talking seafood…but I digress) how I continue with our food theme?

Tuna Sandwhich



I just thought this was a good time to talk about food… and food that should concern us. I could pretend that this is an original thought, but reality and plagiarism (which is a very difficult word to plagarize) require me to post the real article on this.

I direct your attention to an article titled Food Network: The Top 10 Things Food-Safety Experts Won’t Eat. Honestly, the title got my attention. I have attached it there for your review. Maybe it is insurance against food poisoning which sounds as bad as it is.

Here are the foods that are discussed. I am shortcutting the article if you are reading this, and you have no time for real reading.

  1. Buffets
  2. Sliced Lemons
  3. Raw Sprouts
  4. Undercooked Ground Meat (I cannot imagine why they thought the concept of “undercooked” is good anyway)
  5. Raw Oysters
  6. Food From Bulk Bins (Isn’t this one reason Whole Paycheck Grocery Stores are famous?)
  7. Sushi
  8. Raw Milk
  9. Packaged Lunch Meats
  10. Potlucks

I am not giving my opinion. And I tried not to comment at all. I could not help it on a couple of those. Just something to think about.

And for pic o’ day, who doesn’t get excited about a supplies party?


Fries, Hair and Flying Food Tips

I know that when you read Our Blog, you expect something helpful. Now here is some real life stuff:

If you are really honest with yourself, it is hard not to eat McDonald’s fries. You know that they are terrible for you. You know that they probably have no potato content; and you even have a memory that maybe some ingredient involved in their frying has to do with meat. Or something like that?

Well, it’s my job in the blog to give you a reason to be able to lean over and take 3 fries from someone who is eating them nearby. Blog legal reasoning! And I think they meant “hai” as in hair 


Or maybe they really meant hai. I cannot say that it will do this… because even blog literary license has its limits.


But let’s stay on theme today and discuss airplane food and drink. Did you know that your taste buds operate differently on a plane?

Food tastes differently when you are 30,000 feet in the air. Scientists say that at a high altitude, your ability to pick up a sweet taste drops by 15 to 20 percent. Conversely, your perception of saltiness increases by 20-30 percent. So I guess it means to really enjoy the pretzels?

How about some food airplane tactical eating? The pilot and co-pilot are fed different meals. It’s to make sure that they both don’t get food poisoning from a specific food. I felt better about flying after I read that requirement…not!

And finally, here’s something to consider. The next time the flight attendant offers you something to drink like coffee or tea, it’s probably not so safe to drink either of those on a flight. In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency found that one in eight U.S. airplanes did not meet required standards for safe drinking water.

The water on a plane is stored in, and comes from a tank that is not cleaned very often. So there should be no surprise that it could be dirty and stale. And the testing of the tap water on airplanes supplied from those tanks? Get ready…12% of the time the water has tested positive for fecal bacteria. Just say no thanks to the coffee and tea!

And finally, it’s our pic o’ day….




Useless, Useful and Interesting?



Our Blog starter picture just seemed to fit the title today. I hope the following items below will be Useful and Interesting, instead of all falling into the category of Useless! That decision is in the eye of the beholder!

I just learned that McDonald’s has a category of customers that they call “Heavy Users“. To “join that category” you need to eat there ten times per month. If you want McDonald’s to categorize you as a “Super Heavy User“, apparently you need to eat there an average of 3-5 times per week. Quite a frequent eaters club .

Renowned gangster Al Capone carried business cards that said he was a used furniture dealer. I wonder if he liked cork floors for the rec room?

I just saw some good advice. After writing an angry email, read it carefully. Then delete it. Note to self!

The word “gorilla” is derived from a Greek word that means “a tribe of hairy women”. It’s from the history of Hanno the Navigator. (I am frightened to even comment on this)

I am very fascinated with the power of the sugar industry. Here is an interesting article  from Manila Bulletin Business titled How Big Sugar killed a 1968 study that pointed to a heart disease link. The power of sugar!

And now, a couple of random thoughts. (As though all the previous “stuff” is not random!) Sometimes I want to post a blog on what I am reading or what I am watching. I just never do. But, since this blog is aimlessly heading somewhere unknown; I thought it might be a good time to throw some crazy in the mix.

I am watching and reading many things… all at the same time…just because. Here are two things:

First, a current non-fiction book that I am reading is Survive Like A Spy by Jason Hanson.  It says on the cover that Real CIA Operatives Reveal How They Stay Safe In a Dangerous World And How You Can Too. (I suspect you weren’t expecting this book!) It reads like a novel.

And what is something I am watching? Here’s one on Netflix : The Toys that made us.  There are four episodes. The one about Barbie suggests that Mattel has been ruthless in fighting the competition throughout the years. Very interesting!

And finally, I close Our Blog today with a quote/reminder from Henry Ford. “Whether you think you can, or think you can’t- you’re right.”

And for our pic o’ day… I have posted this in the past, but it’s one of my keepers because it gets me everytime I see it. Dogs are great! And this cat is a team player


Really Honey? A Netflix Mention

Since this is a legal blog that might sound more like a food blog today, let’s start with some food humor:


Hang on… because we are going to talk nectar!

I walked into Shore Dogs for breakfast and ordered some scrambled eggs and an english muffin. (If I am being honest, I ordered an extra english muffin) Then, I walked over to their condiment table to pick up napkins, a straw, and add a strawberry jelly.

That table has a collection of items to please everyone. For instance, there is orange marmalade. I find marmalade interesting because that’s one of those toppings that… you either totally dislike it or you favor that above all other spreads. Me… I think it tastes like orange peels, and I mean peels in a bad way!

Apart from the grape and strawberry jelly, there is also tabasco sauce and honey packs. The honey packs serve as our blog launching point today. Or I could also call this, “What documentary am I currently watching?“.

It’s a new six-episode documentary on Netflix titled Rotten. Netflix describes it as, “Rotten dives deep into the food production underworld to expose the corruption, waste and real dangers behind your everyday eating habits“.

So far, I have only watched the first episode titled “Lawyers, Guns & Honey“. As described in the episode, they rhetorically ask how it is that demand for honey is increasing, while bees are dying off in record numbers. How can it be?

It is educational on how bees produce honey… and nectar is nectar. Right? But greed has led to hidden additives and a final product to the public that has a mixture of honey and contaminants. Much like a drug dealer adding to product to stretch profits.

This documentary is worthy of watching and will make you possibly look differently at those honey packs, at the condiment table. Or, at that plastic bear with honey, in the grocery aisle. And that’s just episode one.

For more reading on this, here is a good article/review from (here).

And for pic o’ day, this dog picture fits into our healthy living theme. Or something like that:



A Conspiracy Conspiracy?

First, let’s start with some fax humor… because you don’t see fax humor very often!


During football watching on Sunday afternoon, multiple times a FedEx television commercial ran from a supposed Conspiracy Bookstore. The employees in the commercial were explaining their theories on a recent hike in online book sales. It wasn’t funny the first time. Not funny the 20th time; which might explain why you don’t remember it.

One of the employees credits galactic entities for buying all the books to conceal their alien secrets. The other worker credits FedEx because of their affordable deliveries. The FedEx guy just shrugs at the conspiracy theory.

By the way, do you buy into the conspiracy of Apple slowing down old phones with their constant updates? For several years, the Internet has been warning (as I use the Internet like a person identifier) that Apple keeps sending updates, to cause your old phone to slow down enough to irritate you and make you buy the new phone.

All I know is that I am tired of having constantly being asked by my phone and iPad whether I want to download my update now or at midnight. No is my answer. I was perfectly happy with my phone and iPad until your constant pestering. But I digress!

The real conspiracy that recently grabbed my attention (Reuters News)  relates to a pharmaceutical company. The New Jersey Attorney General has accused Insys Therapeutics  of engaging in a fraudulent scheme to boost the sales of their fentanyl-based cancer pain drug. Recently, Massachusetts announced a $500,000 settlement with Insys to resolve similar allegations.

The New Jersey attorney is claiming that the drug company had created a fraud scheme to encourage the prescriptions of a fentanyl-based pain medication, usually reserved for cancer patients. The intent was to get doctors to prescribe it broadly to many of their patients; not just those suffering great pain.

The New Jersey filed lawsuit alleges that Insys paid kickbacks to doctors, including sham speaker fees to induce them to prescribe the drug, defraud insurance companies into paying for it.

The lawsuit states that Insys’ greed put hundreds of lives in jeopardy and led to the 2016 overdose death of a New Jersey woman, who was prescribed a fentanyl-based medication to treat fibromyalgia. “The conduct alleged in our lawsuit is nothing short of evil,” Porrino said in a statement.

The NJ lawsuit was filed on the heels of the Massachusetts Attorney General Healy announcing that Insys would pay $500,000 to resolve similar allegations of schemes and kickbacks. (Doesn’t sound like much of a punishment. Right?) The political rhetoric would lead us to believe that this drug company is just plain evil and needs real punishment.

Fentanyl is a powerful and highly addictive drug with deadly consequences, yet this opioid maker aggressively marketed its product and made illegal payments to providers to boost sales,” Healey said in a statement.

Now that’s what I call a conspiracy. Just not one that really surprises me.

And finally for pic o’ day, here’s one from the past that always makes me laugh. Some explanation for that conspiracy?


Water Salesmanship?

On Netflix, there is a series titled Scam City, where the host travels to some of the world’s most popular destinations, to expose scams being pulled on tourists. (more on the series here)

The host manages to work up the “ladder” in each of the countries to talk to various individuals, and find out why they are pulling these scams. It’s interesting to hear their explanations.

In Buenos Aires, counterfeit money is a real problem which includes many of the taxi drivers giving fake money as change to the tourists. The reason that everyone gives as to why it’s ok to hand out fake money is described as “not a scam, it’s a contradiction”.

When the host travels to Las Vegas, he sees the various “VIP scams” where individuals sell worthless VIP cards to get into dance clubs. Then, he interviews a card shark to learn tricks of card playing. The card shark describes his scamming as not really cheating. Instead he is actually just a card mechanic. The scamming is not really stealing, it’s just being crafty.

I saw an analogy in this series when I recently saw the lawsuit that was filed against Poland Springs in this article from BDN Maine titled Lawsuit claims Poland Spring a ‘colossal fraud,’ selling groundwater.

A pile of Poland Spring water bottles.
Pile of Poland Spring

According to the article, a group of bottled water drinkers has brought a class action lawsuit against Poland Spring, alleging that the Maine business has long deceived consumers by mislabeling common groundwater. The lawsuit was filed in a Connecticut Federal Court and claims that Nestle Waters North America Inc. has committed a “colossal fraud perpetrated against American consumers.”

The lawsuit claims that the company is simply selling groundwater which cannot be called spring water and that its purification methods disqualify the water as meeting federal regulations as a spring water.

The company spokesman has responded that “the claims are without merit” and that “Poland Spring is 100% spring water”. The article is filled with allegations that payoffs have been basically made, which caused the Maine Drinking Water Program to approve many of the water permits to the company. The lawsuit claims that “not one drop” of Poland Spring bottled water is from a spring.

This always begs the questions, “Is bottled water safer than tap water?” and “Is tap water safe?”. To answer that question, I am attaching an article from that is titled 21 Facts About Bottled Water, The Environment, & Human Health.

A quick summary of the article deals with the harms of all the plastic of bottled water. It goes on to recite that some brands are basically bottling tap water. And, we know that some tap water is safe and some is not. Which means that some bottled waters are safe… and some are not. Of course, none of the bottled water companies market their product as simply fresh tap water, because no one would buy it.

So what is the best bottled water to buy? Well, I am attaching one survey from bestreview.guides (here) that lists Fiji Spring water as #1. Curiously, Poland Spring Brand is #9.

This article (here) from lists Resource Spring Water as #1 and Fiji Spring Water as #2.

I guess we should be reminded that the brand of Evian is really naive spelled backwards. Right? What are they saying to us?

I still don’t feel safe drinking out of the tap. I miss those days on the farm when it all felt safe and real!

And for pic o’ day, the totality of this just makes me laugh! Is the dog left-handed? Just wondering.


Do Things Go Better With Coke?

Yes, I wish this was a blog about the virtues of macaroni and cheese pancakes or egg plant french fries. No, not cheese straws and hush puppies.  See… I have your attention now! Right?

I have recently spoken to a couple of people who have been successful in their weight loss goals. Both of them attributed part of their weight loss to, “I stopped drinking Coke”. Coca-Cola even admits that their drinks make you put on weight. (ARTICLE HERE)

Just something to consider from a Pharmacist:















And here is an article on why we are told not to drink diet soda. (Diet Coke) Not surprisingly, the reasons include depression, bad for your bones and teeth, and potentially bad for your heart. Of course there is the obvious of obesity and diabetes.

Just something for us to think about.

And for our pic o’ day, here are two kids’ pictures that make me smile:


















Some Macaroni and Cheese Discussion

First, how about some weekend encouragement from a hedgehog?











And now some Mac and Cheese thoughts!

Macaroni and Cheese… it does a body good? Or is that milk? Just as a word of caution, if you love mac and cheese, don’t read the rest of this blog. Although, I did try to find a counter-argument… just in case you want to keep eating it! I had to search for it!

Let’s start with this article from the NY Times titled The Chemicals in Your Mac and Cheese.

What you think of chemicals called phthalates? I had never heard of them. They travel in plastics.

They have been linked to the disruption of male hormones like testosterone, and to birth defects. There is a connection to learning and behavior problems in older children.

These chemicals end up in foods as a result of packaging and equipment. They are used in manufacturing and may pose special risks to pregnant women and young children.

Now, a new study of 30 cheese products has detected phthalates in the foods, in the study attached The highest concentrations are found in the processed cheese powder in boxed macaroni and cheese mixes. Not a good thought.  Since this is Friday, I will just leave it at that, for your reading.

On the flip side, here is an article at, which tells us that the FDA has not banned these chemicals in foods. (yes, they are banned in toys). And the thinking is, that a little bit is not harmful. That sounds more like a defense than a good scientific certainty.

Just “food for thought”.

I hope you have a great weekend! I am headed to our South Carolina office next week. I’ll try to blog some news from the great folks in the South!

And for our weekend pic o’ day, it’s all about knowledge… right?




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