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Dennis (who has been with the firm over 80 years…ok, maybe that is a little bit of exaggeration) does not like when I just post pictures for the blog. He wants long historical blogs. But to everyone else who might appreciate just some pictures on a Thursday… I dedicate this to you. Uncle D… don’t be angry! Have some cake.

Plus, this is all office-themed. That has to be worth something, right?

Have you ever wondered where they come up with the small print on all those inserts? The answer:


We are currently interviewing paralegals and attorneys, and this reminded me of the interviewing process. I always wanted to do this:


And isn’t teamwork important in the workplace?


And finally, I understand this feeling when we move offices. It just made me laugh.


Tomorrow is Friday! I cannot explain why this picture makes me laugh… but it just does. To all our happiness including Uncle D!




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