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Things of Importance

As people were evacuating their homes in Florida, in preparation of the storm; they were faced with decisions on what items to take with them. I know that many were hopeful that this was a false alarm, and that they were only making choices on things to take, that were not real choices. They would soon just return to the safety of their homes. Unfortunately for some, there will be no return to what their life was like before the hurricane.

When the tomb of Egyptian King Tutankhamen was discovered in 1922 (Wikipedia description), archaeologists found the tomb filled with items that ancient Egyptians thought were needed in the afterlife. It tells us what they were focused on in life and death.

In the outside chamber, a large chest was found containing military items, walking sticks, the king’s underpants and a copper alloy trumpet. The Burial Chamber, Treasury room and Annex contained thousands of items. These items included golden shrines, jewelry, clothing, furniture, and weapons. There was even a pot filled with honey.

It’s interesting to study what the King and those burying him, found to be important. If you click on the attachment, you will see more on those items found in the tomb.

When I first started practicing law, I worked at a law firm that handled all types of cases. One of my first assignments was to go to a home, to make an inventory of all the belongings. The owner had just passed away and our firm was probating her estate.

I walked into the house and soon realized that she had lived alone. In the living room sat the TV, with one chair in front of it. In front of that chair sat a tray. There was still a plate with partially eaten food. I imagined that she had sat there each night, eating her dinner in front of that television.

There were some unwashed dishes in the sink. And while her bed was made, there was laundry in the closet. She lived alone, with one distant relative receiving her things by will. Everything of her life was found in that house. Right there. Her life as she lived it, in each room.

I remember imagining what her life might have been each night, as I sat there in that empty house. Everything that was important to her in possessions was before me. It made me truly pause and think. If someone looked at my possessions, what would they determine was important to me? Hopefully they would say that my life was not defined by my possessions. (Luke 12:15)

I sometimes have difficulty transitioning from the blog to our pic o’ day, but this one makes me laugh.


This picture ultimately zooms in on the father. So much meaning in a picture?


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