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Lawsuit Packed With Gossip!

I am detouring from my intended blog about some Titanic history to mention a lawsuit that was filed against Jim Carrey. I have always thought that he was funny, troubled and unable to sit still for an interview. This recent lawsuit adds another description: Diseased!

On September 28, 2015, Jim Carrey’s ex-girlfriend committed suicide by drug overdose. Despite having broken up with her, Carrey was so moved by the death that he promised the family that he would pay for the funeral. Since that time, he has failed to pay anything.

Now, her mother has filed a wrongful death suit against him, that includes a claim for failure to pay the funeral expenses. As part of the complaint, she has submitted as evidence, testing that shows that Carrey had positive test results for multiple diseases.

As part of the complaint, there is a Quest Diagnostics test belonging to Jose Lopez  that shows that Lopez tested positive for Herpes I and II, Chlamidya and Hepatitis after being tested on January 28, 2013.

The mother claims that Lopez is the name used by Carrey for his medical testing and that he subsequently infected her daughter. This in turn depressed her and led to her suicide.

I am attaching the article (here) from the Daily Mail that discusses the lawsuit and also includes screenshots of the texts between Carrey and his ex (Cathriona White). Carrey’s defense lawyer does not dispute that he has the diseases or that he used the name Jose Lopez. He only responds that it has nothing to do with this lawsuit, and that while Carrey might have indicated that he would pay for the funeral, he still does not owe it.

The mother’s attorney also says that Carrey hired people to try to silence her daughter and also verbally abused her and shamed her.

Carrey says that the statements that he gave White any of these diseases without warning; called her a whore and hired fixers to silence her are irrelevant to the wrongful death case.

 Putting my lawyer hat aside for a second, I don’t think that Carrey wins this, even if the lawsuit is dismissed. Hasn’t he already lost?
It’s a little bit hard to post pic o’ day after that, but I also think I need to lighten this up a bit. That story is depressing!
So here goes with a better story. This Facebook post made me laugh:


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