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Here’s a “circus story” (I miss the circus, by the way) on what is real. Then you and I can figure out what it means.

A man badly needed a job, so he applied with the circus. The person hiring for the circus told him that there was only one job available. The monkey had recently died, and they needed someone to dress up in a monkey suit and climb in the cage. The man was so desperate that he took the “monkey job”.

His instructions were to scratch and jump around so that the folks wouldn’t know that he was a fake. After a while, he got so good at it that he even started swinging around on the tree in the cage. Soon he got too carried away, until by accident he swung over the top of the cage and fell into the lions’ den.

The man (monkey) began to cry out, “Help! Help!”. The old lion lying in the corner looked  at the monkey and whispered “shut up, you fool, or the crowd will know that we’re both fakes”.

I’m not sure why that story cracks me up, but I do know that it’s a reminder in life… just be real! Right?

A couple of blogs ago I mentioned that I needed a vacation. That was a clue! I will be back in a week. I promise to be ready to write! So I suppose that you are saying the following to me:





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