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Smiles and Mud(d)

Have you ever heard the expression that a good outfit starts with the shoes. In some respects, I sorta started with a blog title and then surrounded it with pictures. You’ll see what I mean.

Since this is a Friday blog, I always feel like it’s acceptable to aimlessly ramble. Especially if I wrote some long blogs the past week. And I know I did because I had few people remark this week that, “You wrote a long blog today”. Is that a good thing? See!

So first, (and of course I love a sentence that starts with “So”. See, aimless ramble!) let me give you the substance of the blog.

Do you know where the expression came from that “Your name is mud”?  It relates to the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln. “Relates” is a key clue.

Dr. Samuel A. Mudd was the physician that gave medical help to John Wilkes Booth. Booth had broken his leg after jumping down from the theater box, after shooting Lincoln. Mudd was ultimately convicted of being a conspirator with Booth.

Many historians have since argued that he was only performing services as a doctor and not really doing anything that indicated intent to be involved in the assassination. Still, many credit a damaged reputation as being related to “His name was Mudd”.

Separately, that expression was already used as slang before that event, but it became more popular after the connection to Dr. Mudd. A story in a story. Like a fig newton? Maybe?

Now to the smiles!

Our first picture comes from my mom:





And third, this one really makes me smile! He does look like a “good boy”!




Have a great weekend. I’m excited to see my Dad for Father’s Day!

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