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The Importance of Knowing “Ology”

What’s Forrest Gump’s password? Answer: 1Forrest1

That really has nothing to do with the blog. I just remembered it when one of my online accounts told me it was time to change my password. Just some randomness!

Today is a blog “story” that is a reminder to focus on what is important.

A college professor was traveling on a boat and stopped to talk to one of the sailors on board. He decided to strike up a conversation and wanted to know whether the sailor was educated. So he asked him, “Do you know Biology, Zoology, Geography or Physiology?”  The sailor answered no.

The professor became indignant, “Why don’t you try to better yourself. You will die of illiteracy?” After a while, the boat began to rock up and down because of the waves, and it scared the professor. Then, the scared professor asked the same sailor when the waves were going to calm down. The sailor replied, “Do you know swiminology and escapology, from sharkology?” The professor just looked confused and shook his head.

“Well”, said the sailor, “if I were you, I would focus on those topics because sharkology and crocodilogy will eat your buttology, headology and you will then learn the mistake of mouthology”. Boom!


So for our pic o’ day, it’s all about knowing what’s important!!!! 😉


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