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Television Commercials and Marketing

On Tuesday, I am going to shoot a couple of television commercials for our firm advertising.  I have to forward the scripts to the TV station where we are shooting the spots. Admittedly, I haven’t finished the scripts, but I am working on that right now. (Yes, I stopped to quickly blog!) I have to make some quick decisions about what the ads should say.

I am told that successful advertising is not telling, it’s experiencing. Some things need no words.



Nike has long been considered a standard bearer in advertising. The ads that aired during the 2016 Olympics were analyzed for effectiveness. (  Google found that 34.4 percent of consumers remembered seeing Nike’s “Unlimited” campaign. The ads showed stories of athletes like Chris Mosier, Sister Madonna Buder and Kyle Maynard, (the first quadruple amputee to climb Mount Kilimanjaro.

Nike learned long ago that they were successful by advertising experiences not product. They don’t advertise that their shoes are tremendously cushioned insoles; or that they are better than their competitors, or that they sell more shoes than anyone. Instead, their ads make us feel. They call it emotion branding. (


Google then surveyed how the ads were accessed. Eighty-three percent of Google searches that resulted from the Olympics ads came from smartphones. The other 10 percent from tablets, and desktops made up the remaining 7 percent.

A wise marketer told me a long time ago to remember this one thing in my marketing. Don’t market about yourself. Instead, market what you can do for others. And that’s also a pretty good life lesson!

And for pic o’ day, a special thanks to Mike Thomas for posting this on his Facebook. Marketing for the YMCA?


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