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What About Advertising?

And for Monday morning… it just always seems fitting to start with a coffee pic o’ unless you don’t drink coffee. Then probably… not so much! I needed it this morning. I was at a meeting this weekend, and then I watched lots of football and some of the baseball pennant race games. That’s code for Orioles baseball!



This past week I was asked a couple of times about TV advertising. It’s my belief that online marketing is taking a big chunk of some TV budgets. But, political advertising still effects our lawyer advertising. By law, political ads have the right to run… for the lowest cost. So, it doesn’t matter how many TV ads that we place, political can replace them all. They “bump” us out of our buy.

There was a time that those political ads became our business enemy. Now, not so much. Lots has changed from the days when there were only three networks.

One British CEO commented about the effectiveness of their advertising by saying, “Half of my advertising is wasted. It’s just difficult to know which half”. Of course, advertising has changed greatly. During the nineteen century, Frank Woolworth discussed his retail advertising for his stores., “Remember your advertisements are in your show windows and on your counters“. Now, that kinda makes me laugh.

I just thought I would mention advertising today because I expect that we will be inundated with political ads over the next couple of months. One politician recently commented that he believes that TV is losing its effectiveness, because people are now used to not believing what they see on TV. Instead, it’s back to personal relationships and personal contact.

Maybe that’s true. Unfortunately, we need to get all candidates, and especially these political PACS, to believe that TV is not effective. By November, it will be such a relief to no longer see some of these ads. For now, it makes me want to pick up a book or my kindle. Or… I just tape and speed through. Gotta hand it to the inventor who gave us the ability to record programming… and use the fast forward on the remote!


And for our Monday pic o’ day, I guess it’s wrong to call them chicken tenders…or chicken nugget?


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