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“We Didn’t Mean It!”

This comes from the world of advertising, and from the world of political correctness. It’s kinda fun to watch a company try to sidestep. Like being at the skating rink and hearing, “You put your right foot in, you put your right foot out. You put your right foot in and then you shake it all about”. Guess this company is still shaking!

Here’s the ad as listed in the story of USA Today:


In case you can’t watch it right now, the ad goes like this: Its for Qiaobi laundry detergent. It shows a black man being pushed into a washing machine and emerging later as a light-skinned Asian man.

In the TV ad, a black painter with white paint smudges on his face enters the room. He then whistles at a Chinese woman who is busy with her laundry.

She motions to him to come over and he thinks he is going to get a kiss. Instead, she puts some detergent in his mouth and then shoves his head and body into the washing machine. He pops out as a “washed” Asian.

Public outcry has made the company apologize, but they quickly added that they meant nothing racial by it. They were just emphasizing their product. And they were also pleased by the additional press coverage!

Recently, I heard about a comedian who made an Asian joke about a new rollercoaster that was designed and  installed at Kings Dominion. They were proud to announce that it had been built by Asians. Unfortunately, the Asians were too short to meet the height requirement… and they couldn’t ride it. The comedian got some grief over that.

The moral of the story… “I believe in the absolute freedom of expression. Everyone has the right to offend and be offended.” (Taslima Nasrin)


And for pic o’ day, I guess it’s more than just advertising… and not offensive!


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