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A Joke at Someone’s Expense

Here’s the picture that started it:



Shaquille O’Neal thought he was being funny when he posted a photo of himself on Instagram and Twitter, imitating a picture that he had found.  Next to his post O’Neal wrote  “Smile People,”. In fact, he was just trying to get a laugh at someone else’s expense. Now, that person has filed suit against Shaq.

The plaintiff, Jahmel Binion, has a rare genetic disorder that causes tooth loss and facial deformities. After finding out about Shaq’s mean post, Binion filed suit against him with allegations of defamation and invasion of privacy.

O’Neal claims that  there was no right to privacy because Binion had already posted photos of himself on Instagram. O’Neal also said his conduct wasn’t so outrageous or extreme as to establish liability.

The lawsuit is still pending.  Since the incident, Binion has started an anti-bullying campaign on Facebook that has attracted 20,000 members, according to the Daily Business Review. I suspect we will hear more about this.

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