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Some Marketing Talk


Would you like a sip of Bib-Label Lithiated Lemon-Lime Soda? Doesn’t that sound like a real thirst-quencher? In 1929 it probably sounded pretty good to folks after the Wall Street Crash of that year, because it contained lithium citrate. In fact, it contained this mood-altering drug until 1950.

At that point, I suspect that no one really cared what the drink was called. They didn’t really even know why they liked it… they just did. It had been invented in 1920 and was sold by the Howdy Corporation. Now that is some crazy corporation naming right there!untitled

The name was later changed for marketing purposes to the name 7 Up. It is unclear why they changed it to that name, except there have been some theories that the drink had a pH of over 7 or that it had 7 ingredients. In fact, none of that was true.

At one point, they decided to market that it was made with “Real Sugar”. That seems to go with the marketing of that restaurant that used to be called Bob’s Big Boy.  Used to be called Bob’s Big Boy is the operative word. Because for 7 Up, I mean, who doesn’t want to guzzle some real good-ole-fashioned sugar and make your jeans look like they are well fitted to a body of Lard. Just sayin’.

Today 7 Up isn’t as well. When was the last time that you heard someone  say, “hey, I’ll have a 7 Up“. Not so much?  It originally was being marketed as caffeine-free. I guess Starbucks has taught us that if you make it with caffeine… more people will need it!

I was thinking about this as we begin to work on some upcoming legal ads. We shoot on Wednesday. All I know is that our new ads won’t be filled with sugar or caffeine free. 7 Up taught me that lesson.

But as pic o’ day reminds us, I guess it’s all in the point of view:


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