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This and That for Friday

During the week I get all kinds of news blurbs in my in-box, as potentials for the blog. It seems like one piece of bad news after another. I guess that’s the basis for the expression death by paper cut or death by a thousand cuts. Oh, and I get a lot of ads that apparently arrive because someone thinks I need to buy more clothes. It’s that crazy target marketing… that has me in the target.

It’s nice to sit down to write the Friday blog. I can just aimless type and be surprised!

So, here are some of my Friday thoughts:

We are working on opening in West Virginia and currently looking for potential office space. What do you think? I mean, the view is fabulous.


Are you planning on going out to eat this weekend? This was sent to me a while back. It’s a bit like TV meeting dinner!


And finally, who doesn’t appreciate a smile… and a good haircut:


Just a bit of wandering as we head into the weekend!

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