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Sparky’s Leap

Hollywood has captured our imagination with movie ideas about people who are so smart, that they can bend spoons with their minds. As my Director of Operations likes to say during job interviews… “you can’t teach smarts”!

This is a news story from Arizona State sports department that combines injury with… someone who is clearly not bending spoons with their mind. (ESPN) First, is the visual description from Tempe City Councilman David Schapira’s posting to describe his injury:



Shapira was on the sideline of the ASU-New Mexico game when the Arizona State mascot inexplicably ran up behind him and jumped on his back. Mascot Sparky was only about 5′-6″ and didn’t know that Shapira was still recovering from back surgery.

Shapira reported immediately feeling a pop. He rested on the sidelines a bit before being transported to the hospital. It turned out to be a pretty serious injury including torn muscle in his back. So far, Shapira has incurred $96,146 in medical bills.

At this point, there is no indication of any lawsuit, but the councilman is asking that his bills be paid. When I saw this story, it caused me to remember a few client’s who were in a car crash right after having surgery.

In those instances, I usually hear a defense or a comment from the insurance adjuster that the at-fault party should not be fully responsible for all the medical bills, because of the preexisting condition. Fortunately, the law recognizes that you take a person as you find them. Sometimes called an “egg shell head” plaintiff because they are not punished for not being able to withstand what others might be able to walk away from without injury.

And for our Monday “pic o’ day”:


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