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Feeling So Thankful

History tells us that the first Thanksgiving was celebrated on February 21, 1621, when several starving pilgrims at Plymouth Rock were fed because of the arrival of a well-stocked ship from Ireland.

Now on Thanksgiving Day, the President of the United States pardons one turkey to spare its life. The pardoned turkey is set free, to spend the rest of its life roaming on farmland.

The Internet is filled with special recipes for Thanksgiving; ideas for table settings and centerpieces, and even ways to to arrange furniture to accommodate a lot of family. All of that is certainly part of Thanksgiving.


Each year I sit down to write my Thanksgiving blog and what this holiday means to me. I start with the possibility of trying to write something creative. Then, I always come back to the same thought. Those 6 letters  of thanks are really all that matters. I have so many reasons to be thankful. Thankfulness for my past, which makes my present so meaningful… and gives me the hope of what tomorrow will bring.

Here’s a turkey message that was sent to me!



I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! I will be back on Monday… after many spoonfuls of mashed potatoes.


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